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  • Avatar for re1tar
    grindcore tag , are you fucking kidding?
  • Avatar for rockmyworldbby
    brings back so many memories <3
  • Avatar for Chip1
  • Avatar for xThonderoathX
    good old TDWP.
  • Avatar for str0belights-
  • Avatar for UnderOath091
    their drummer iz my insperation along with aaron gillispie
  • Avatar for AwfulSnowboader
    didn't mean to put "kicks".....
  • Avatar for AwfulSnowboader
    Breakdown somewhere a little after 3:00 kicks is awesome
  • Avatar for DallasandTexas
    For some reason, this has always been my favourite song by them. Always. And I've heard everything they've put out.
  • Avatar for Bloodbattle
    I don't believe them! I think TEXAS IS NORTH! Nah. It's south. Don't want to confuse people about my knowledge of states in the United STATES. :D
  • Avatar for Hunter_Hellish
    Lol Old TDWP XD
  • Avatar for Lucky_Lungz
    The fuck is grindcore doing in the tags? Anyways it's crazy how much their voices have progressed since this album, still great shit though.
  • Avatar for purpledevil
    this song got me into this band.
  • Avatar for shroomer1999
    Texas rules all
  • Avatar for Explosiverandom
    texas is north duhhh
  • Avatar for COREYSTARK77
  • Avatar for kbomb001
    Good evening, miss
  • Avatar for Mark03lolz
    He has the best scream in my opinion. Not their best song... But the band is still awesome
  • Avatar for Bloodbattle
    +1 to you, haley! =D Epic bands you listed there.. +1 to you, brutalpanda!
  • Avatar for MrJplague
    awesome song!
  • Avatar for HaleytheHalien
    brutalpanda you made me laugh haha. I love the sword sound in this that what it is? or am I a tard? ……btw: If you're a fan of this band, Asking Alexandria, Miss May I, House vs. Hurricane, Casino Madrid, We Came As Romans, etc... Check out this band, they're getting signed so they're legit and really good! I promise you I'm not wasting your time and you will NOT be disappointed! Just spreading the good music that should be better known!
  • Avatar for kylesalek
    One of my favorites for sure!!
  • Avatar for Metal4LifeKH
    great song(BTW like the Title)
  • Avatar for Dimonz_86
  • Avatar for Robyn-Rampage
  • Avatar for bizk1t_
    Grindcore wtf? xD
  • Avatar for brutalpanda666
    the guy below me is a fucking douche, I can tell.
  • Avatar for horseman4life16
    Hmmm, I like fingering my asshole to death metal<3
  • Avatar for Max_Megasize
    so fun to sit at home and scream alone. and then a lot of people watch this ass! xD
  • Avatar for KerynBayerr
    This song is freshh.
  • Avatar for LJV3081
    Not my fav band, but I do like this track.
  • Avatar for Silence-xD
    Brilliant song.
  • Avatar for Haileyk95
    i love tdwp and yes texas is south id kno id i live here
  • Avatar for NathalieUndead
    But I do like them :D
  • Avatar for NathalieUndead
    Definitely not.
  • Avatar for ifaf852
    i think its cool how this band is christian it makes the band 10 times better.
  • Avatar for hatedby_ALL
    good evening, MISS
  • Avatar for opeth99
    Utter crap, christian metal what a joke!
  • Avatar for SuicideWatchP
    Ieeeaaaaaaah! The hell thizz track rulezzzz!!!! Everybody gets Noisyy!
  • Avatar for l1MOSKONA6whyul
    shiti preformens fucking lame croud. do mose !!! do headB or soommwhong !! -.-
  • Avatar for ghall666
    great song 666
  • Avatar for sgf_
    Fucking amazing live.
  • Avatar for keluwa55
    I love normajean any someone to kill me....fuck noodss.
  • Avatar for itskellydude
    i love Devil Wears Prada
  • Avatar for joshy501
    awesome song to play on drums, love it!
  • Avatar for TippinMyStuff
    so fucking cool !! i love this track!!
  • Avatar for jimmybravenboer
    this sucks x___X
  • Avatar for xsexyxjamesx
    fucking hate this song more than i hate hitler
  • Avatar for AJBavaro
    better live
  • Avatar for Sinsinatti


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