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The Devil Is Electric were a DIY political pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana, and were formed when Operation: Cliff Clavin, the former pop-punk band of Chris Clavin and Hannah Jones broke up, following the release of their EP Last Words.

In 2000, The Devil Is Electric released a 6-song self-titled 7" on Plan-It-X Records. In 2003, a split release with label-mates This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb was released on Risk Records, a 7" entitled "We Do Our Dishes". They released one full-length, entitled "I've Never Trusted A Revolutionary Who Was Afraid To Dance", and later added their entire discography to the disc and added "…And A Bunch Of Other Stuff" to the title. This cd is available for $5 post-paid from Plan-It-X records and also contains the Disarm 7", a short lived band created by Chris and Hannah in the same vein as Operation: Cliff Clavin.

The Devil Is Electric broke up in 2003 when Grant left the band. While looking for a drummer, Chris and Hannah continued to play in their folk-band, Ghost Mice.

From the CD booklet liner notes: "The Devil Is Electric is not a band anymore. We started in 2000 and ended in 2003 when Grant decided to leave the band. Hannah and I were already playing as Ghost Mice and we just kept doing it while looking for a new drummer. After a while, we decided it just would not be The Devil is Electric without Grant, so this CD is our official "we quit". We quit the band, but not punk rock."


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