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Spirit Youth


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  • Very enjoyable. A must listen!
  • v stugard gets it. one of the best albums of all time.
  • Actually, I take back the first part of what I said back in '12. This album is better than In Her Gentle Jaws, I'd actually go so far as to say it's perfect. Cocteau Twins and Pale Saints would be damn proud.
  • I'm hoping that looking back, people realize now that this record is just as good as its predecessor. They just represent different states Kurt and tDG were in when they made them – as if both records came from a different world. Don't just endlessly compare SY with IHGJ, because from experience I've realized that both are monumental works of beauty when judged independently of each other. You know, think with your head less, listen with your heart more?
  • I most enjoy it on sunny days... must be something wrong with me
  • I second that Joshoewaa ; To add , or , on a starry winter night .
  • for anyone who doesn't quite 'get' this album, listen to it when it's snowy.. then you'll understand perfectly. beautiful record.
  • In Her Gentle Jaws was untouchable so it's not surprising that this isn't as good.
  • In Her Gentle Jaws is a waaaay better...
  • sobre todo dream about me.lindisima cancion.
  • doesn't come close to In Her Gentle Jaws but it's still a nice listen.
  • must be the best album of 2010 so far, and i'm only on my second listen...
  • Класс!
  • Easily one of the best albums of the year.
  • I just threw up a review of the leaked album. I'd love people to check it out and comment/troll it. http://www.sam.sparkbomb.com/blog/?p=20
  • The band was kind enough to throw me a copy of the new album at one of their shows at SXSW. Good shows guys, by the end of each one people were crowded around thick. Crucify You, Dream About Me, and Through the Snow in particular stick out to me. You were right, this final version of Through the Snow is better than the demo. Apparently recorded in Chicago, Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv was involved. The album does sound more refined, a little less shoegazey, less 8-bit than before, more pop, fairly catchy, more focus on vocals. I think this album reaches a bigger audience than the debut record. Do yourself a favor and come see them live. The show was more intense and enjoyable than most of the shows I went to for 5 days straight at SXSW this year.
  • beautiful artwork - and after hearing a few demos and live tracks, i cannot wait for this album!

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