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  • Avatar for zoowi
    Amazing group, a joy to listen to :)
  • Avatar for dharma24
    I didn't know you liked the Delfonics.
  • Avatar for kayvanfleet
    Did you hear William on Souls of Mischief's new album There Is Only Now??
  • Avatar for sjm26b
    Wilbert Hart's voice is so distinctive
  • Avatar for JNez
    Really enjoyed the Unsung episode; hope a new generation of fans realizes and appreciates their imprint on r&b/soul music.
  • Avatar for BJBooth
    Just lost Major Harris last night, let's all give the Delfonics a listen today, great vocalist
  • Avatar for cliffdvr
    For the love of Mike, can someone please fix these all-caps issues?
  • Avatar for MikeAgain
  • Avatar for MiaoPurrington
  • Avatar for RolloSuplex
    "they'll never be tracks like this created again" --challenge accepted.
  • Avatar for JNez
    loving this old school r&b.
  • Avatar for mrmocha
    that single channel snare!
  • Avatar for VitorPavan
  • Avatar for VarlaBarbarella
    Any band that makes you think about Pam Grier while you listen to them is awesome.
  • Avatar for williampoogie
    William Poogie Hart Lead singer writer an own an creator of the Delfonics
  • Avatar for williampoogie
    hello to all thank la la means i love you if u get a chance check y 2 new album :The Delfonics All Platinum, William hart the Heart of The Delfonics
  • Avatar for Sssteffie
    Cult !
  • Avatar for memphisfav
    How do you listen to music
  • Avatar for AndreaEIson
    La-la lovin' it! Dreamy, cool, smooth music.
  • Avatar for chhodgkins
  • Avatar for vocm10
  • Avatar for Triggeration
    Bad Classics, they'll never be tracks like this created again.
  • Avatar for covaleux
    jackie brown <3
  • Avatar for WodkaLover
    music to fuck to
  • Avatar for veromancera
    Hey Love!!!!
  • Avatar for eriqk
    me too
  • Avatar for allancoote
    Atmos, I have also been forced to love these by Mr Tarantino
  • Avatar for del_music
    This really is lovely.
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    Once again, thank you Mr. Tarantino.
  • Avatar for akzincke
  • Avatar for BeatTRibe
    Man the best of th Philly sound no doubt
  • Avatar for dotjon4
    Yes You must certainly did! Terrific Soul Sound! Love it!
  • Avatar for balderas08
    cool picture _) good music
  • Avatar for olfolkie
    So many great love songs in the world..and now to find "Mama's Got a Squeezebox"...
  • Avatar for Magic_Alex
    the geezer on the left is really pleased to see someone...
  • Avatar for EdibleHandsoap
    My biggest dream is to attend an important social event wearing that outfit.
  • Avatar for Mike_Anthony
    Great Philly Soul group. Love 'em.
  • Avatar for fantastische
    when you see the thumbnail of that pic it looks like they aren't wearing pants!
  • Avatar for New_Jack_City
    yeah when you get right down to it is magical..
  • Avatar for trueleigh
    I love Hey! Love and with Jackie Brown, Tarantino/Leonard catches exactly the nerve of the song about an immature woman who cannot come to terms with her own emotions. Wake up!
  • Avatar for akutou-san
    go jackie go
  • Avatar for fourDegrees
    They sure knew how to dress. Damn it I want their clothes.
  • Avatar for hank_kingsley
    Does anyone else find the mood of 'hey love' a litle...sinister? They're an amazing band, but they definetly had a little edge to them. Really quite beautiful emotional voices in the best possible sense.
  • Avatar for ImATumbler
    the look of love is easliy their best song, the horns are just so beautiful
  • Avatar for Bloekie
    Jackie Brown all the way!
  • Avatar for MusiQ3985
    Philly soul is the best soul.
  • Avatar for SharpBeneath
    theyre the shitt

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