• Live stuff

    16 Sep 2006, 04:17 by ledders

    My most memorable live shows...

    Tori Amos at The Octagon

    Went with Angie. It was hypnotic, the way she straddled that piano stool, the way she moved, the flawless voice. The crowd were on there best behaviour, so much so that you could hear Tori doing percussion with her stilettos. Neither of us said a word on the 5 minute walk back to the car... we were blown away!

    The Strokes at The Globe

    Went with Jules. Hard to believe now, but The Strokes were supporting You Am I on a Thursday night, it was prior to the release of their first album. Jules wasn't keen on going, but I used my powers of persuasion. They rocked, I met Julian Casablancas at the bar during the You Am I set, he was only 19 then and blissfully unaware of just how awesome he was, and how big they'd become. All he wanted to know was where all the cute chicks hung out in Perth. I chewed Jules's ear off all the way back to Freo with statements such as; "I don't think you realise who we just saw in there…
  • Let's hear it for the girls

    31 Aug 2006, 08:34 by ledders

    Chicks I dig (in some sort of order - although order is subject to change according to mood, time of day and whether or not the moon has entered Uranus):

    Tori Amos - Gone off the boil a bit lately, but her early stuff is still amazing

    Fiona Apple - Brilliant, but I sense there is a better album to come

    Holly Throsby - Simple sincere songs delivered with a beautiful breathy voice... I love this woman

    Cat Power - A voice that carries and conveys so much emotion

    Beth Gibbons - You shouldn't be able to smoke as much as she does and still sound so good

    Martha Wainwright - My god this woman is sexy. I fell in love with her and her voice when she appeared on RocKwiz

    Freya Hanly - Perth's 'next big thing', watch this space

    Melanie Oxley - Quite possibly the best voice I've ever heard, it's like velvet

    Jodi Phillis - The chick from The Clouds and The Dearhunters, her solo stuff is quality too

    Lou Rhodes - She of the voice that belonged to Lamb, the solo album is growing on me