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The Dartz is a pop-folk (as they name themselves) band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The band called their genre "pop-folk", meaning "popular, merry, modern, understandable, appealing, positive". The musicians are inspired by songs and dances of Europe: Irish, Scottish, Breton, Balkan, Spanish, Jewish, Scandinavian, Russian melodies. The band is extraordinary free with folk music, and almost always composes its own Russian texts, putting them onto traditional melodies, or sometimes translates the songs into Russian. That's why The Dartz consider themselves a folk band as well as authors. This principal line still exists since their first album. These days the folk lore is understood in a deeper sense, it went deeper, and diffused in arrangements, and even in blues compositions something celtic appears sometimes, and rock'n'roll motiffs can be met in jigs, for instance - a guitar solo. In authentic celtic music guitar never plays solo and isn't even recognized as an instrument.

The members of the band are Dmitry "Dee" Kourtzman, Anton "Deodan" Gorelikov, Sergey "Ondion" Chibiryov, Igor "Pan" Starostin, Alexander Popov, Roman "Punnen" Slivinskiy, Igor Burmistrov and Andrey "Beholder" Khokhlov.

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