• Mixed Tape

    5 Mar 2010, 04:27 by NellSly

  • Top 10 Favorites

    29 Apr 2008, 02:26 by annodamydal

  • Top ten artists - a history

    19 Apr 2007, 00:31 by MachineOfaDream

    This idea was taken from some other journals. It's a good idea because it helps people who like my taste to further identify with me (or not) and it brings back memories to think about how I got to where I am with my favorite artists.

    "Post the top ten bands/artists on your profile, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite."

    Artist: Kate Bush
    First song: This Woman's Work - Virginia played this for me because people told me she was similar to Tori Amos. I enjoyed the intensity of it.
    Fell in love: The Morning Fog - This is a hard pick because I fell in love with Kate in stages. Stage one was when I couldn't stop playing this track.
    Current favorite: Wuthering Heights - I am referring to the remake for The Whole Story. The song is intoxicating and right now I'm particularly digging it again. I always thought it to be too repetitive to be Kate's best, but it does happen to be one of the best vocals there is.

  • What Laura spends her pay on! (but doesn't regret doing)

    1 Oct 2006, 16:19 by polly_rocket

    I don't earn much with the job I have, but I try to save whatever I can on the simple pleasures of life.
    And one thing that brings me a lot of joy is, of course, music!
    Nearly a month ago, I went on a trip to Adelaide. The plane trip was predicted to be about three hours. So how was I going to spend three hours? Aside from looking out the window, I decide to sacrifice 3 weeks worth of my income to buy CDs of some bands which I had always wanted to hear.
    So, my rollcall of my spending goes like so...
    Keane - Under the Iron Sea
    Lily Allen - Alright, Still
    The Darkness - One Way Ticket to Hell
    The Streets - Original Pirate Material
    Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails, Red Wine
    The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea
    Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love
    INXS - Definitive
    The Libertines - The Libertines
    They were all fabulous! Keane would have provided the soundtrack of my trip. Very much suited for driving! Eskimo Joe has been stuck in my head for some time and I've always loved some of their past stuff. …
  • 5 great albums

    31 May 2006, 15:37 by Poepsnoet

    (Deze doe ik in het Engels)

    Here are some of my favourite albums that I just felt like writing a journal about...this isn't my top 5 of all time or something (because that would have to change daily), but 5 albums put down without any order. ^^
    Use Your Illusion II
    I think this is the Guns N' Roses album I like most, although I think they're all very awesome (heck, I even like The Spaghetti Incident?.
    The songs that attracted me to start listening to this album (talking about UYI II again) were the famous ones (I wasn't the hardcore GN'R fan that I am now when I started listening to it) like Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Civil War and Yesterdays, but I found a whole lot more!
    Favourite songs:
    -Pretty Tied Up
    -So Fine
    -Get in the Ring
    One Way Ticket to Hell ...and Back
    Yup, I love The Darkness. Haven't always did though…
  • on the road

    17 May 2006, 16:11 by matteh17

    Nu när våren har kommit och sommaren närmar sig så finns det nästan inget skönare att sätta sig i bilen en sval vårkväll och bara köra långt.
    Det var precis vad jag gjorde igår... jag lämnade Skellefteå vid 18tiden och destinationen var Piteå. Jag hade brännt en ny blandskiva med nya och gamla favoriter, allt för att göra bilresan lite mysigare.
    Jag började med att köra igenom MAX-driven för att köpa lite middag.. :P
    Sen bar det iväg... med burgaren i munnen, musiken i öronen och ögonen på vägen startade jag min resa.
    Det är så skönt att bara sitta och sjunga (skrika) med i låtarna, man är helt själv... skönt skönt...
    Jag åkte till Piteå för att ljussätta "Huset" inför fredagens sändning... När vi tyckte att vi var klara för dagen och inte kunde göra mer så var klockan 1.00 och jag satte mig i bilen för att åka tillbaka till Skellefteå...
    När jag satte mig i bilen kände jag hur magen kurrade och jag åkte förbi Shell för att köpa en go' Cheesedog som färdmat...
  • nothing better to do on mom's day

    15 May 2006, 01:40 by thehotsexy1

    1. How does the world see me?:
    buffalo soilder- by bob marley and the wailers.
    a buffalo soilder... that's a good thing right?

    2. Will I have a happy life?:
    Sorry sorry by rooney. uh-oh

    3. What do my friends really think of me?:
    Sell out by reel big fish. ouch!! wtf!

    4. Do people secretly lust after me?:
    Lady flash by the go team. Does that mean yes?
    5. How can I make myself happy?:
    The adventure by angles& airwaves. woot!! sounds good to me!!
    6. What should I do with my life?:
    Bleed together by sound garden. ..... gah I hate this game!!!!

    7. Will I ever have children?:
    Let go by frou frou. grrrr I should really stop doing this... it's making me sad

    8. What is some good advice for me?:
    Alone together by the strokes. get a girlfriend... yah I need one of those...
    9. How will I be remembered?:
    highway song by system of a down. It's a good song!!! things are lokking up!!

    10. What is my signature dancing song?:
  • Survey

    11 Mar 2006, 17:51 by Lieslchen

    Name your top 10 most played bands on
    4.The Darkness
    7.Within Temptation
    8.Green Day

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

    What is your favourite album of 2?

    What is your favourite lyric that 4 has sung?
    ”We may not get back what we had, what I threw away
    But you know I would do anything, anything you say
    I'd cross a thousand miles of broken glass on my hands and knees
    I would crawl if for a moment we could cease hostilities”

    How many times have you seen 5 live?
    I haven’t had the chance to see them live yet 

    What is your favourite song by 7?
    The Swan Song

    What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10?
    I remember going to Marktrock last summer with my boyfriend. I remember how much we cared for eachother at that exact moment in our lives…

  • Discovery: The Darkness

    27 Jan 2006, 05:13 by MachineOfaDream

    So, I've discovered The Darkness and acquired both their albums, Permission to Land and One Way Ticket to Hell ...and Back, plus 10 B-sides. These guys are absolutely incredible! If you're a fan of Queen and 70s-80s rock, then I highly recommend giving this band a listen. (my favorite Queen albums are Queen II and Innuendo) The Darkness don't have a single bad song to my ears, though some songs are a lot better than others. It's all amazing for such a young group! If these were Queen albums, they'd be really good Queen albums, and that means a lot coming from me. Queen is my most listened to band, afterall.

    If you're at all intrigued by this journal entry, then I'd recommend getting your hands on the following songs to sample: One Way Ticket, Knockers, Hazel Eyes, English Country Garden,Givin' Up and Bareback.

    Keep in mind a few things when I compare them to Queen: The Darkness has only released 2 albums, and a total of 30 songs, wheras Queen has a gigantic body of work; hundreds of songs developed from the 70s into the 90s. …
  • The Darkness - One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back

    24 Jan 2006, 09:22 by elgarbo

    So the other day I was lucky enough to come into possession of The Darkness' One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back. It's been getting cruelly beaten by credibility starved critics, who seem to have jumped onto a self-made bandwagon that demands that any second offering from a critically acclaimed artist be swiftly cut down.

    Fortunately for me, in this case, One Way Ticket was nothing like the reviewers proclaimed.

    Its definitely a departure from the Darkness' first outing, but just how far can you drag the shtick of prancing around glam-rock style before it gets a bit old. This time around, they've launched themselves whole heartedly into something a bit more mystical, introducing pipes and strings and all sorts of oddball instruments that I can't put a name to.

    There are a couple of tracks that truly stand out. Apart from the first single, One Way Ticket To Hell, I was quite surprised and soon fell in love with both Hazel Eyes and English Country Garden. …