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  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Dang, The D.O.C. has a great voice! His damaged voice is even great!
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Please drop this year... we gotta listen to Voices through Hot Vessels!
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    WHOA! A new album! T.B.A.: Voices through Hot Vessels
  • Avatar for ekhtsasy
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  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    One of the best rappers of all-time!
  • Avatar for MarcusAurelio
    I just realised that his post-accident sound is what I'd imagine a rapping Miles Davis sound like, not bad in itself
  • Avatar for Wizun
    So people - vote to separate D.O.C. grindcore band from The D.O.C. hip hop band, thats will be correctly.
  • Avatar for Wizun
    D.O.C. ! fucking grindcore from Poland!! Legendary band, but probably it's not for blacks , and i don't have mean "for white only" but just taste, never heard about black band playing grindcore.
  • Avatar for iboudebo6te
    The Formula is so damn underrated.
  • Avatar for aarONE119
    dude is a legend [2]
  • Avatar for kubA89
    Dude is a legend.
  • Avatar for szyszkowski
    Funky indeed. :D
  • Avatar for MassSkate
    it's Funky Enough!
  • Avatar for JL3001
    Hey all, I wrote about one of my fave tracks by him, check it out:
  • Avatar for AlDogg1992
    гэнгста рэп
  • Avatar for drefeatsnoop
    no one can do it better is a west coast classic.
  • Avatar for Robo_Dobo
    This blows my mind.
  • Avatar for aaronWHAT
    no one can do it better!
  • Avatar for BuddieLove
    for those that don't know, The D.O.C. is from Dallas and still lives in Dallas... Dre scooped him up and took him to the West but he's never stopped repping Dallas, nor has he stopped working in the Dallas scene.
  • Avatar for BuddieLove
    DFW Hip-Hop:
  • Avatar for peliculiar
    Fuck the listeners of Xbox LIVE radios! What's the point of listening The D.O.C. without one's own intention? I mean - because of this fact "It's Funky Enough" is far ahead of the other songs... That's awful!
  • Avatar for Torcidalol
    DOC one of the greatest to do it on the west coast
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    If he gets his voice back, who knows what will happen. NOCDIB is a bonafide classic! I knew this the day I first bought and listened to it back in '89. I say if he never had his accident he might have been one of the greatest MC's ever. IMHO he might have been on the level with (arguably) the greatest MC ever Rakim. He was the west coast answers to both the lyrical flow of BDK and the gangster swagger of Kool G Rap.
  • Avatar for rg_gapa
    Portrait Of A Master Piece.....
  • Avatar for Flesh-n-Bone
    The D.O.C. is the perfect showcase of talent wasted. But sadly it's not even his own fault, that damn car accident is one of the biggest tragedies ever. But hey, at least he's still living and kicking it. Last I heard he was gonna go through some surgery to get his voice back almost entirely. A shame such a career with so much potential had to be ruined.
  • Avatar for ElsonNDB
    the formula
  • Avatar for BG-knocc-out
    His story iz so sad. A great man & great MC
  • Avatar for jfleetham
    helter skelter is pretty damn slept on
  • Avatar for aaronWHAT
    No One Can Do It Better is a straight up fucking classic. Production is fucking tight, and DOC is so sick. Shame about the accident but first album is slick as shit.
  • Avatar for sheldon126
  • Avatar for jmj540
    I wish he could release one more classic
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    Portrait Of A Masterpiece is a masterpiece. It gets you dizzy with The D.O.C.'s rapid-fire lyrical flow.
  • Avatar for SocialOverload
    D.O.C. = also a grindcore band from DC
  • Avatar for SuperCoolBros
    such a sad story he is
  • Avatar for BGOATDoughnut
    lol portrait of a master piece is a much better song than it's funky enough. where are the props for that song?????????????
  • Avatar for bbttss
  • Avatar for enharting
    No One Could've Done It Better
  • Avatar for str8facedman
  • Avatar for iboudebo6te
  • Avatar for sOuller
    i was expecting more listeners... [2] Whirlwind Pyramid is nice
  • Avatar for Cubelar28
    it's too bad about that accident..
  • Avatar for phillybird
    No One Can Do It Better = bonafied classic. way ahead of its time
  • Avatar for VinnyMcFly
    i was expecting more listeners...
  • Avatar for No3made
    SO. GOOD.
  • Avatar for Torcidalol
    Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am ruthless
  • Avatar for drmad21
    I wish he could scream again
  • Avatar for Askari-X
    Props to The D.O.C. and his underrated album Helter Skelter.
  • Avatar for dhaffner
    i had some gin and i'm ready to rock-o
  • Avatar for girugammesh
    It's a shame what happened to him. Dre even raps about it in "Whats the Difference"
  • Avatar for Chuck-Mo
    Deuce Is A Bomb


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