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  • Avatar for ThE_ObS
    so good!^^
  • Avatar for girlybat
    the should bottle this song--instant mood elevator! =^..^=
  • Avatar for prlima
  • Avatar for MrsSparkes
    Great song. Cops & Robbers..
  • Avatar for Joshoewaa
  • Avatar for RobeX
    Great song. How can this be considered dark and gothic.....Robert Smith rulez!!
  • Avatar for ethansnanna
    I adore this song!! The Cure will always be the best band ever!! They rock!
  • Avatar for blackroom_93
    love this track
  • Avatar for kraker228
  • Avatar for brighid_
    miau :) :)
  • Avatar for deanily
    youre so wonderflly wonderfully wonderfully pretty! oh you know that id do anything for you!
  • Avatar for EternalExodus
    haha, what a great song! just love it.
  • Avatar for MaryStan
    I'm dancing!
  • Avatar for elitejay
    superb band top song great CURE
  • Avatar for Alberto_Balslam
    This is the song of my childhood :). Love it, love cats :).
  • Avatar for Fretta
    awesome, DOUBLE BASS
  • Avatar for EvermoreRocks
    i love this song my favourite cure song
  • Avatar for Junnk
    So wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty! Such a cute song. <3
  • Avatar for Waqcku
    aaawesome bassline
  • Avatar for JoshAwesome
    i mean all his songs sound like this. dont worry! probably the best pop song ever.
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    Ben Folds DID A COVER OF THIS??? Which album? All I know is Tricky's cover, which is brilliant.
  • Avatar for wbdoak
    i feel like that's not true. but goddamn i love this band... can't wait to see 'em!
  • Avatar for JoshAwesome
    ben folds built a career on this song alone
  • Avatar for Primordeum
    The version that's on sounds like it's by a Cure tribute band! A bad one!
  • Avatar for thexendxisxnow
    We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty :]
  • Avatar for Velocitor
    we miss you, hiss ow lovecats!
  • Avatar for Blessedheart
    Such an adorable song!


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