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  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    I don't like love songs. But this is an amazing exception. Beautiful
  • Avatar for stoppa-mig-juni
    whatever games I play, I will always love you....
  • Avatar for AdamKadmon8
    Whatever words I say, I will always love you
  • Avatar for Nochek
    thanks, Simon. lOve.
  • Avatar for ontheinsanity
    Whenever I'm alone with you...
  • Avatar for Microfoot
    Despite the origins behind the song, I always feel there's a sort of hopeless desperation behind the mood of it. Like he's pining for a relationship that's already over.
  • Avatar for mightygorilla
    ... :'(
  • Avatar for tumultodevozes
    lovely painfull
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    Had the amazing opportunity to see them perform this live. It was fantastic!!!
  • Avatar for unutulanumutlar
    i will always love you
  • Avatar for Disvisonpunk86
    Whatever words I say, I will always love you <3
  • Avatar for Lunar_sight
    "Fly me to the moon" 💕
  • Avatar for DistortionZero
    So simple, so raw, so effective, completely devoid of any pretention and bullshit. ♥ it.
  • Avatar for Aerdill
    Whatever words I say, I will always love you <3
  • Avatar for ksusha_7
  • Avatar for The_Sun_XIX
  • Avatar for robveiga
    Great song ! Amazing band
  • Avatar for tadzio52
    very good !!!
  • Avatar for Sophia_Pantlv
  • Avatar for RHETT__BUTLER
  • Avatar for Sophia_Pantlv
    когда будет жених, буду ему петь ее аааааааааа!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for sharv11
    However far away, I will always love you Vinny...
  • Avatar for sharv11
    I could never not love this one...
  • Avatar for AnCoconuts
    favorite of all time.
  • Avatar for cadaver11
    I love the Celtic sound to this.
  • Avatar for hollyheer
    Oh my..
  • Avatar for Ariues2
    this song gets my orangutan loins moist.
  • Avatar for karolcia_1993
    A song not to forget...
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    Such classic awesomeness....
  • Avatar for Tlratigan
    This! I will always love you....
  • Avatar for nelsonha
    What a masterpiece!
  • Avatar for jresent
    The sound created by the synth in this song is amazing
  • Avatar for Randall-Flagg
  • Avatar for leticialves01
    However far away, I will always love you.
  • Avatar for M4lu_
    i wanna have kids with this song
  • Avatar for ababes
    Amazing timeless song . . .
  • Avatar for porcelainstars
  • Avatar for Davi36Ozzy
    Forever The Cure
  • Avatar for sharv11
    I will always love you (the world still isn't right without you here Vincent)...
  • Avatar for w1bs
    Minha música do momento....já tá no topo !!! The Cure...tudo a ver!!!
  • Avatar for DannyRockGirl
  • Avatar for Zeropresence
    Hey cool bro. A cover of that 311 song.
  • Avatar for darkjavier
    from now, the only The Cure song I like :/
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    Love this song! I watched them perform this live, and honestly it was one of the most magical moments of my life. Sounds lame when I say it like that, but I promise, that's how awesome it was...
  • Avatar for joshsaussey
    beautiful melody that just worms its way in [2] This album has such nice melodies and tones from what appears to be such a dark album.
  • Avatar for lyliaun
    His voice melts me <3
  • Avatar for marjo47
  • Avatar for Urso_68
    I will.
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Beautiful <3
  • Avatar for ArcticEmotions
    The bassline in this track...


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