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  • Beauitful and sexy song I ❤️ the saxophone in this one 😎👌
  • Saxophone, bass line, everything. Fantastic song.
  • That saxophone sounds sublime.
  • Definitely one of their best!
  • I remember racing over to the Princeton Record Exchange the day this came out. Still have it.
  • <3
  • What do you mean? There's not any negative comments on here. This is one of my favorites on KMKMKM.
  • Wi do people hate this song. :( It's so damn good.
  • WoW...
  • One of My Favs Song.....♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • The bass.
  • my favorite from kiss me
  • Love the sax!
  • What hasn't been said already....Robert Smith is fantastic!!!
  • bestbestbestbestbest *_____*
  • Oh God......... because of ending like this I can listen to this song forever!!! as empty as a boy can be.........................
  • So smooth! What a track :D
  • @below: similiar effect, that is what actually counts ;) However, grreaat song.
  • @ CarrotsForHorns: the song is actually about cocaine. :)
  • amazing drums
  • Boris' drums are incredible! great track <3
  • "I'll empty you as empty as a boy can be..."
  • the saxophone is amazing on this track.... sexxxy.
  • well it's best song about cum i've ever heard
  • magic track. i'm loving it since first hearing (1990)
  • Jeeesus, the instrumental is incredible
  • After all these years I am still delirious for this song just wonderful!!
  • YES I noticed it too, and it really completes the song! that sound is so cute and faint <3 jesus how i love this song
  • yeah I noticed it a few years ago, I had never really paid attention to the end, there's also an almost muted guitar riff at the end of the walk
  • Has anyone else noticed the music box at the end of the song (-0:13). I've listened to this song for 20 years and only noticed a few weeks ago.
  • <3 i really adore this song
  • what a wild fall...
  • I love the intro... <3
  • Hard love <3333
  • I agree hehe. Mine is pretty large to :P
  • It's definately one of mine. Course, my list of favourite Cure songs is fairly extensive. :3
  • Maybe my favorite Cure song?

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