• Be sides: these are my favorites

    2 Jul 2008, 02:53 by ianawi

    lately i just cannot get enough of The Cure's bside collection. i was always a fiend for the bsides because there was a record shop around the corner from where i went to high school. so naturally id check for old cd singles every day so i usually found stuff. for like $2. yeah, awesome, im thinking...
    so when the collection came out i was excited to have everything in one place and join the dots that id missed. of course i didnt buy it, i copied it. but id bought all those singles, dammit, i cant afford that shit. fortunately, this meant i didnt have to import every single single into itunes...

    these are the songs that i just cant skip no matter how many times ive heard them. i ♥ them so much im considering just putting them on the albums they were unreleased from in the first place. its how it should be, and all that.

    so here they are, starting in the order i listened to them... and then rearranged.

    2 Late -
    brilliant and a shame it doesnt really go with the rest of disintegration…
  • #-Z Fav Songs Pt. 1

    1 Mar 2007, 03:04 by uberbjork