• Just Epic...

    5 Dec 2009, 10:02 by chealec

    Fri 4 Dec – The Crüxshadows, V2a

    I still can't believe Ayria wasn't on the billing - "Special Guest" pfff, she was brilliant, like a bouncy cybergoth aerobics instructor... and I mean that in a good way! I think I had a big daft smile throughout her set even though she didn't do Red Shift (my personal favourite) - I particularly loved Analog Trash live, to be honest I'd have paid the ticket price for Ayria alone... well, actually, we did really as that's who we went to see. The Crüxshadows were an added bonus.

    V2A were the second support act - pretty good but a bit too "rave" for me, great for a track or two but then they sort of lost my interest a bit so I snuck out for a smoke halfway through their set (sorry). They weren't bad at all - just they weren't anything special in the way of Harsh EBM - better off with say, Grendel (Harsh Generation in particular), who incidentally is playing Eddie's Rock club next Friday (11th December) so if you enjoyed V2A I…
  • Survey thingy.

    14 Jan 2008, 15:35 by BEFORETHEFiRE

    #1 The Rasmus
    #2 The Sisters of Mercy
    #3 The Crüxshadows
    #4 Apulanta
    #5 新興宗教楽団NoGoD

    a. When/where did you find them?
    b. What was the first song you heard from them?
    c. What country do they come from?
    d. Favorite song?
    e. Song you don't like?
    f. Song that makes you sad?
    g. Favorite album?
    h. Favorite member?
    i. How many times have you seen them live?
    j. How many cd's/dvd's/etc. you have from them?

    #1 The Rasmus

    a. Probably heard them on the radio, in the spring 2003.
    b. In The Shadows
    c. Finland
    d. Life 705 and Myself
    e. Eh, well, I'm not a big fan of Sold
    f. I've cried to Open My Eyes and If You Ever a few times >.<
    g. Into
    h. Aki Hakala.
    i. Only once.
    j. Nine CD's, three singles and one DVD.

    #2 The Sisters of Mercy

    a. Can't really remember. I think it was about two years ago.
    b. Probably Temple of Love.
    c. England
    d. Ribbons and 1959
    e. Hmm.. Phantom maybe.
    f. 1959
    g. Floodland
    h. Don't have one.
    i. None :(
    j. Four CD's.