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  • Avatar for mhmdct
  • Avatar for shano_jebs
    why did the pic go from a band photo to a bunch of nerds who could pass for 4 guys that look like that 40yo nerd in your office who thinks he's 25 and just discovered Triple J? pathetic. they kinda look like pedos. change it back.
  • Avatar for otsukaretimu
    Haven't heard the Aussie band yet but the local (Seattle) band is pretty lame. Kind of like our own local version of Jet.
  • Avatar for gilbythewizard
    can anyone send me 'the shake' off stomp on tripwires? i have searched endlessesly and i still find it anywhere?
  • Avatar for Revergust
    Where can I download some albums?? pls link
  • Avatar for conditionals
    At the February Oxford Art Factory OK Go gig, I turned up early, tried to find my way to the bathroom, and stumbled into this sealed-off area where Simon Carter was performing 'Call Me Anytime' live with a new band. It was pretty freaking weird.
  • Avatar for shano_jebs
    for anyone who cares, lead singer Simon Carter is making a solo album and apparently broke the group up cos he achieved everything he ever wanted to in a band, including getting into the Triple J Hottest 100.
  • Avatar for drugs_n_hos
    fuck australia
  • Avatar for figjamjoe
    They deserve more listeners
  • Avatar for conditionals
    WTF, the Cops are no more? ARGH! Why wasn't I aware of this!?
  • Avatar for gilbythewizard
    if anyone has it, can someone please send me 'the shake' by the cops, i have been looking for it everywhere. =S my email is:
  • Avatar for Ninty
    They've broken up? Oh wow. I just picked up Stomp on Tripwires for $2 at Sanity, have been wanting it for a fair while too.
  • Avatar for jj-chub
    Haha Timbo93 - so true! The Cops are seriously underrated at the moment.... they are gonna do well
  • Avatar for _rilstix_
    The Cops from Oz kick arse. Fact!
  • Avatar for shazmax
    Shouldn't you turn the inequality sign around? i.e. seattle < all of australia, or alternatively: all of america< sydney
  • Avatar for drugs_n_hos
    seattle > all of australia.
  • Avatar for ColonBlow
    Listen To The Cops From Seattle... The other band is Shit. Or I Mean Shite. I think one of them wears eyeliner.
  • Avatar for jack_is_extreme
    your sooo right Timbo. The older stuff is their best.
  • Avatar for KROBBO_
    love these lads!
  • Avatar for TypeJack
    Hot weapon is such 60's racing song :P
  • Avatar for Fenizrael
    Gyroscope, The Cops, Grafton Primary... all at Wollongong University! WOOOOOOT!
  • Avatar for lovethyfashion
    i concur.
  • Avatar for die_oysters_die
    I agree.
  • Avatar for EvermoreRocks
    call me anytime is best of the cops
  • Avatar for assfucktwin
    These guys were staying in the hotel room next to mine last time I was in Melbourne. They were crayzay. Awesome band too...great job opening for Kaiser Cheifs.
  • Avatar for tragedys_kiss
    yay . I am number one again! Boy, do I love the cops.
  • Avatar for BlakeFry
    yay cops playing at the amp again soon cant wait anyone else going
  • Avatar for alchops
    Yeah Le Chic and Hot Weapon are what you want! Such a good album, keen as to see these guys soon! What are they like live?
  • Avatar for NiteShok
    I like how there's plenty of cool tracks on the arse end of the album. Too few albums are like that. Le Chic is perhaps the best track on there.
  • Avatar for jarmac
    The entire album is amazing, one of the best for the year. These guys have just announced another show in Melbourne, this time at Hi Fi bar. Awesome :D If you don't have the album, buy it :)
  • Avatar for LukusDaClown
    i would if i had it >_>
  • Avatar for LemonAids
    Am i the only one who listens to the ENTIRE album?
  • Avatar for LemonAids
    'ey cops, you should really consider making Le chic, Hawt weapon and Out of the firdge/into the fire singles. They are your best songs.
  • Avatar for Ocean_Machine
    i thought they only had a few eps before the album? 'The Cops EP' (04), 'Stomp On Tripwires' (04,)80 In The Shade EP (06)
  • Avatar for glassandahalf
    i like the first album more, but the new album is great (albeit completely different). So glad they came back so strongly...
  • Avatar for mec1
    great gig in ADELAIDE tongiht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGA props
  • Avatar for jarmac
    First album was good, second album was pure excellence. They really stepped up a notch from the first album.
  • Avatar for NiteShok
    It sure is good!
  • Avatar for onthebeatpete
    new album is good! new pic added :)
  • Avatar for ngel05
    such a great band. call me anytime is so good! <3

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