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  • Avatar for sophiascalpel
    Life is a little darker without them.
  • Avatar for Mr-Marmite
    A truly underrated band.
  • Avatar for jeszczeniekot
  • Avatar for Garcian
    pretty cool b sides
  • Avatar for whatwillburn
    Talk about bad timing, Ben would have smashed the world cup for england xoxoxo
  • Avatar for Amber_19
    Frankly criminal... -> not true. Ben and Kieran play in a new band now. You can listen to them here:
  • Avatar for bingbongbilly
    Frankly criminal that the singer gave it up for football. I give up. [2]
  • Avatar for whatwillburn
    Frankly criminal that the singer gave it up for football. I give up.
  • Avatar for dareecarrey
  • Avatar for bazzo-182
    Loving the description of their style, pretty damn accurate!
  • Avatar for TheXEnter
    Get these guys back together. Please!
  • Avatar for dereliTCed
    Recently read this perfect description ... "I visit this shoutbox from time to time, like laying down a rose on the band's grave."
  • Avatar for Peteblueeyes
    Now here is a band that should definitely do a reunion!
  • Avatar for KicekPL New band with former TCTC members (Ben, Kieran, Jon)
  • Avatar for Indie_Charles
    One of the best bands !!!
  • Avatar for sasha90s
    remember how I bought 'See This Through And Leave' on a cassette in 200..3, I guess.. still one my fav albums. it may be not 'one of the best albums ever' and stuff, but it is so personal to me.
  • Avatar for headuphigh
    Please guys come back, we count on you...
  • Avatar for thetipo4ek
    brilliant band !
  • Avatar for nachtaktiv
    pure 03-05 memory blast. heavy. kick up the fire still is a brilliant album
  • Avatar for brownieboy
    "Been Training Dogs" is one of the good tracks. I remember the performances on such shows like totp, made the show worth watching when one of these alternative appeared. Shame they've split as it would be nice to see bands like this as well as others like Hell is for heroes and the others what split what were good during 2000-2005
  • Avatar for osmark
    one of the best rock bands out of Brittain. Kick up the fire is one of my all time fav albums.
  • Avatar for EliEndrup
    @alecis0nfire - Untitled 93/U93 is from the Homo Sapiens EP; and it's on Youtube: :)
  • Avatar for outrenoir
    Mansun and the Coopers were brilliantly batshit Britpop outcasts, made the era tolerable
  • Avatar for LB7MR-4
  • Avatar for Hopauradelbuio
    Honestly, my favourite bands NEED TO STOP SPLITTING! You're missed!
  • Avatar for OneDyingAtheist
    @ alecis0nfire I think it's on the Home Sapiens EP. only got it as an mp3 though.
  • Avatar for Amber_19
    moksha, have you heard about Type Two Error?
  • Avatar for revo_i
    You're my fave!
  • Avatar for VanBenjo
    I can deal with you guys not being around any more. You were there for the years when I needed you and and the many greater years ahead. Best part... My kids have something special to look forward to. Truly special.
  • Avatar for alecis0nfire
    untitled 93 anyone? where is this mystery track to be found!?
  • Avatar for Amber_19 In case you didn't know about it :D
  • Avatar for BowenRock
    regroup n come back!
  • Avatar for Showbiz_91
    Did You Miss Me? Yes, I do.
  • Avatar for Sir_Anri
    ух, до чего же офигенные ребята
  • Avatar for rekamrekahs
    до сих пор телек с вашей странички балтается на аватарке)
  • Avatar for LiquidSheep
    They made some pretty decent music, but man, those pictures are horrible.
  • Avatar for Vintergatan
    What a brilliant band! I just can't stop listening to them!
  • Avatar for MadSeason-
    they`re so good. my revelation. and so sad news about it :(
  • Avatar for Sorrielle
    Their reunion is my new year wish. I still can't forgive breaking up a month before coming to Moscow.
  • Avatar for muenchengladbac
  • Avatar for jackmoore1987
    Come back.
  • Avatar for serenityQn
    Прекрасная группа. Надеюсь у них получится еще что-нибудь.
  • Avatar for sophiascalpel
    i still believe in a reunion. its possible. my hope will never vanish!
  • Avatar for netka4kam
    Great band!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for 1337Chris
    Promises Promises is brilliant, I can still remember that being an exclusive play on MTV2 a loong time ago, now i feel old...
  • Avatar for BuffK
    Definately my number one band I'd like to see reform who's band members aren't deceased.
  • Avatar for takemetothe_sky
    Acquiescence ,thanx for the link
  • Avatar for London_addicted
    о них так мало информации, жаль, охуительные ребята
  • Avatar for Acquiescence
    Daniel 'Fish' Fisher's got a new solo project going, under the moniker of Red Kite. You can listen to three songs right [url=]here[/url]. Sounds really promising, but y'know, the Coopers coming back would be even better.
  • Avatar for dermilch23
    Please try this:æneat! Thanks a lot :)


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