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On a steaming day in summer 2006, Michal Dvořáček, a singer and composer and Slávek Hamaďák, a producer, were pondering some recordings by a rock group ENTER in a rented appartment in Hradec Králové, when the doorbell rung three times to interrupt the session. Michal Dvořáček opened the door, but nobody was there. "I gotta run down to get it," he shouted and slammed the door shut. Meanwhile, out of sheer curiosity Slávek browsed through the music files on Michal's computer and discovered several pieces of music sung in Swahili. Among them, there was a fragment of the first single-to-be titled Everybody Somebody played by The Coolers, a band which at that time yet did not exist.

On his arrival to the appartment, Michal said, irritated, that nobody was downstairs at the door. "What are these interesting musical ideas here?" Slávek asked. "They are just some personal music escapes of mine for times when I need to get some rest away from rock," Michal explained. On that day, they occupied themselves with no other recordings but these. After midnight, as Slávek was leaving Michal's rented appartment, it was clear that Michal would start another band - The Coolers. It is not much of an overstatement to claim that the band owes its existence to a mere doorbell ring.

Two new members had joined Michal Dvořáček in The Coolers in the next couple of months. They were Michal's friends and musicians which had nothing to strum on at that moment: a guitar player, studio technician and computer programmer Lukáš Chromek and a drummer and singer Vlasta Bucek. At first, all the musicians saw The Coolers as a music fans' studio project. However, as things proceeded, this kind of appartment jamming got out of the musicians' hands and thus they decided to turn their music into real concerts and start a regular band.

Not only is it enthusiasm for music as a phenomenon in the present pop culture that binds The Coolers members together. It is also their friendship, shared taste for music and desire to perform good, genuine music in an entertaining and original way.

By the mid-year of 2007, The Coolers had composed 14 author pieces of music in English. Therefore produceer Slávek Hamaďák and a colleague of his, a graphic artist and illustrator employed in a an advertising agency, Lukáš Taneček, agreed to run a music label so that the music by The Coolers could be heard.

In July 2007 the band released their first single Everybody Somebody.

Coolers' lyrics come from the pen of a cosmopolitan exile and the band's friend Peter Smoke.

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