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  • Avatar for Disvisonpunk86
    Lovely track ❤️😎
  • Avatar for bobbyefc38
    30 years ago today releease
  • Avatar for bleakaffinity
    one of my favorite melodies ever
  • Avatar for SilentDerp
    Cute chrisman song <3
  • Avatar for AndrewBrannan
    dude this is awesome
  • Avatar for gokunirvana
    Only The Clash are allowed to do a social commentary as a christmas carrol.
  • Avatar for hungry_mouth
    Wake Up from Arcade Fire
  • Avatar for EscObAR_1_2_3
    Great song. The Jam definitely took a lot from it for Town Called Malice.
  • Avatar for k_naruchiha94
    I love this song, even though it's not even qualified as Clash song, more like a jingle in some ads.
  • Avatar for Elturtle
    Might be the only track from The Clash that I actually disliked [2]
  • Avatar for eatthatrat
    don't know why, but the xylophone gives me a christmas feeling.
  • Avatar for Tom_Kurtz
    Might be the only track from The Clash that I actually disliked, It's a good song and all but the female vocals and xylophone-like sound really don't fit the band..
  • Avatar for inyourpanorama
    This reminds me of "Town Called Malice" by The Jam, even though this song predates it by two years.
  • Avatar for HarryFearless
    Unbelievably great song. Where did the female vocals come from?? Plus Danny Boyle was gonna use this song for 28 days later but changed his mind. Then Joe Strummer died and he felt bad x
  • Avatar for maskeraddanne
    the whole album is underrated
  • Avatar for Fenrisulfrwolf7
    That Phil Spector sound, lol!
  • Avatar for Andreahhhh
    I just realized this sounds like "you can't hurry love"
  • Avatar for Forever_Failure
    In fact, the song Wake Up ends just like this song!!
  • Avatar for Forever_Failure
    I see now Arcade Fire are very influenced by The Clash, reminds me a bit of Arcade Fire's songs with female vocals...
  • Avatar for whuts
    the clash rule ok.
  • Avatar for NextsundayAD
    Freakin' awesome bassline.
  • Avatar for TantoTempo
    The Clash flow through my veins..Not Topper of course..That would be dangerous.
  • Avatar for Yldee94
    Wut is dis'
  • Avatar for markus79
    Wherever this place is, I want to move there
  • Avatar for mirrorball95
    Weird & great!
  • Avatar for punkpoet1961
    such an awesome song- again the only band that matters
  • Avatar for rickkrackk
    If you like this song. Ellen Foley has an album out with the clash backing her. Sons written by Mick, Joe and Tymon Dogg. The song torchlight reminds me of this. Also Ellen (from bat out of hell and Mick's girlfriend at the time ) sings backup on this song.
  • Avatar for westfield72
    HAHA apology accepted.. different tastes... besides.. I wasn't saying Hitsville is utter shit.. I was saying how I'd changed my mind
  • Avatar for mrzimsnijeg
    yeah you're right, i just fucking hate coldplay and i make it personal. all apologies.
  • Avatar for westfield72
    now dont be a twat
  • Avatar for mrzimsnijeg
    i dismissed coldplay as utter shit. and lo, it's on your playlist. life's funny, ain't it ...
  • Avatar for westfield72
    never got this song... in fact... about a year and half ago, i dismissed this as utter shit.. and have never listened to it since.. until now. it's not as bad as i had first judged.. haha
  • Avatar for CAVermeer
    North American fans may not have heard this because I do not believe it was a single here, and it was off of Sandinista! which was not available for years as far as I know. I had the LP, couldn't get the CD for ages. There are so many great tracks on Sandinista!, it rather flew under the radar here. Shame.
  • Avatar for CDPETE01
  • Avatar for CDPETE01
    my favourite clash song
  • Avatar for johnny8ball
    Always had a lot of time for this one. Different but then The Clash never did stick to a formula...
  • Avatar for ladyemero
    I agree; I hadn't heard it before either.. Where have I been???
  • Avatar for MsSaigon
    Can't get enough of it.
  • Avatar for vedaras
  • Avatar for klavdioz
    love it.
  • Avatar for lm525 hit it! A corker!!
  • Avatar for seshwar
    i can't stop listening to this
  • Avatar for spwest
    Absolutely GREAT song!
  • Avatar for fixgear
    It is underrated, but c'mon, it was on a TRIPLE album. Still great.
  • Avatar for BostonIrish
    great song! underrated for sure. don't know about best on the album but good nonetheless.
  • Avatar for kickme123
    Best track on "Sandinista!" by miles.
  • Avatar for v_for_violence
    People need to be commenting this song. It's great.

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