• Bored Game #1

    6 Oct 2006, 13:03 by _napster

  • Fortune Telling Shuffle Player

    10 Jun 2006, 22:14 by takelondon

    Shuffle your shit up and post the track under the next question, then answer the question with the track title or style.

    How does the world see me?
    Special Brew
    I guess I can kinda relate this to the fact that I'm a unique person. >_>

    Will I have a happy life?
    Bullet & the Bullseye
    I guess not.

    What do people really think of me?
    Well, either people think of me as a cock, having a cock, or really loud and fast. None of which would really make sense with me. This would make much more sense with the next question. :D

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    I guess not, since the track itself is very calm and ...not intense.

    How can I make myself happy?
    Black Bugs
    YEAH! Video games! Woo!

    What should I do with my life?
    Sanctuary 13
    This song actually makes a lot of sense for this. Look up the lyrics if you don't believe me.

    Will I ever have children?
    masodik galamb
    I will have pigeons who will ignore me. Sweet.