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The Clash


punk · 1980 · dub · punk rock · reggae



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  • I still consider Combat Rock my favorite (well, truth be told, my favorite Clash album of any kind is the bootleg "Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg"), but this is the album that proves that there was nothing they couldn't do when the band was still all together. The people who get all hung up on the "coulda been a great single album with some editing" miss the obvious point; they clearly had no interest in delivering a concise album, so if you want a 40- or 50-minute then you would have them betray the artistic vision they had for their album. Sure it's long as hell, but it serves as sort of a musical encyclopedia and is one of the most special albums of all time. Would you have wanted Kerouac to take a carving knife to On the Road? Joyce to do the same to Finnegans Wake? Or to use an example that's a little more pertinent to The Clash, Burroughs to "tighten up" Naked Lunch? The scope of the album is its purpose; take that away and it's just a (great) normal rock record.
  • The Equalizer, The Call-Up, The Magnificent Seven Nuff said
  • rating 9.5/10
  • This album is incredible and anyone who disagrees is a fuckhead
  • One of the most interesting albums I've ever heard
  • While the first three albums by Clash show that they're the only band that matters, this album show that they're the band that can transform to every matter.
  • cool album and cool sounds
  • the clash-equivalent to the beatles' "white album" - too many filler tracks cluttering the sides so you can have a double/triple LP.. lose all the worthless stuff and you might have a great album. in another words: 75% of this ain't my cup of tee or is obvious lazy filler. then again, there is some neat stuff here.
  • I'm starting to think that this is the best album ever made, by any band. Ever. Fucking perfect
  • I have always seen Sandinista! as an extreme version of the concept behind London Calling. You can listen to both discs of LC separately, because they are good enough to stand at their own. But together, they form a long epic journey, and one of the greatest albums ever. The bad part of Sandinista! is that many tracks take some time to start to dig them. But at the end, every song is needed to feel the real experience. Anyway, there's something that surprise me, is that true that so many people see this as their worst? I think it's right up there with London Calling.

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