• The ClareVoyants and Local Talent

    9 Nov 2005, 06:23 by katydaqueen

    I realized that I have written two Journal entries complaining and that just ain't right. Blame it on a bum gallbladder waiting to come out.

    Local Bands are either awesome or awful, in my opinion. My favorite band is the The Clare Voyants who can be found here. They play in several of the local pubs. They did have a repuation of a rather *cough* rowdy following (me- rowdy? Never- and no one has seen the picture of me delibrately losing at Finnegan's wake in a long time... wonder why?), but recently went through a renovation and revamping. The Bodhran player, Paul Knight, was asked to leave, and they have recently added an upright bass.

    I have always loved the blend of folk, traditional irish, and original compositions that the Voyants play, and of course, the self dubbed Voyantmaniacs were a lot of fun too.

    I enjoy the local music scene here in Phoenix, but really wish we had better venues. A local radio station, KZON, produces a Zone Grown CD every year with the best of Phoenix bands. …