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    Great show yesterday in São Paulo. I was so happy to see such performance that i cried like a youngster.
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    GriendClub, до группы Виноградный День им конечно пиздец как далеко, что тут и говорить...
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  • Avatar for Yaptro
    Very nice!
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  • Avatar for GriendClub
    Какой же оверрейтед
  • Avatar for liretti
    aldikk, well, actually they are. they just have collaborated with LMO to record this track, 'cause cinematic orchestra is not in fact an orchestra, as you may guess. but they did write this. so please check before stating :)
  • Avatar for aldikk
    They are not authors of "ARRIVAL OF THE BIRDS" :/ The real composer of this piece is LONDON METROPOLITAN ORCHESTRA !
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  • Avatar for d-imensions
    Thanks for Arrival of the Birds
  • Avatar for XStatic_Process
    I just finished The Theory of Everything and to my upmost delight, the film featured a couple of songs from Cinematic Orchestra. Everything about the film was beautiful and hearing The Arrival of the Birds and Transformation being incorporated in the film just made everything better for me.
  • Avatar for Freiszcze
    Music from the "Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos" was used in film about Stephen Hawking - The Theory of Everything.
  • Avatar for ZRFS
    a new record would indeed be much appreciated (2)
  • Avatar for kida48
    crazy in love cover, the best thing i've ever heard!
  • Avatar for UglySyntaxError
    a new record would indeed be much appreciated..
  • Avatar for Universal_City
    [url=]And Relax[/url]
  • Avatar for EricValeev
    <3 Channel 1 Suite [3]
  • Avatar for Zak_74
    i haven't heard of the cinematic orchestra for ages, is the band recording the new material or having a tour?
  • Avatar for Poisonnation
    v Its quite a nice track, but its definitely far from their best, imo.
  • Avatar for dr_bun
    to build a home is fucking awful
  • Avatar for agnesxsaboia
    walter white digs jazz smh
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    симпатично, но не более
  • Avatar for alicast89
    Musicbox is a dream
  • Avatar for abhishekpaul
    To build a home. So so so beautiful.
  • Avatar for illusionfreedom
    Господа,that's what I call 'music
  • Avatar for BillSonyak
    that home is fantastic!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ajchz
    To build a home is one of those songs that never gets old! AMAZING!
  • Avatar for ekz4
    Everyday, amazing!
  • Avatar for georgieMT82
    "Exodus" = the best track... by far!
  • Avatar for AbsurdistsDream
    check out bonobo or maybe amon tobin
  • Avatar for Collis
    Jaga Jazzist - What We Must
  • Avatar for oskln
    Hi, I'm looking bands like cinematic orchestra, any suggestions?
  • Avatar for lil__
    <3 Channel 1 Suite (2)
  • Avatar for treeffeed
    <3 Channel 1 Suite
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  • Avatar for EricValeev
    Burn Out ♥
  • Avatar for Facciotto_D potessi....
  • Avatar for UCAgent
    mmmmmm ^__^
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  • Avatar for smigi22
    Come guys to Poland!
  • Avatar for Tahula
    I'm so delightful that I know them. Thanks Ceren. (The girl who introduced me to them)
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  • Avatar for veraa91
    "entr'acte" - I am so entranced <3
  • Avatar for didgeridoo-fm
    Yo Mates, new track was added june2013 : cool vibes from downunder/europe/Germany/Taunus ;-)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3< 3< <3 <3<
  • Avatar for jotaaoquadrado
    good bye Cathy Jamison. 'Luck Me'.
  • Avatar for ooopauline
    So amazing.... I hope they will come to Poland soon :)
  • Avatar for Hann_with_Gun
    Listen Ninja Tune from the Black Sea
  • Avatar for Iranyela
    Please come to Mexico Cityyyyy


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