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  • Crabmander

    nice bassline

    August 2013
  • DrKKE


    May 2013
  • spectra187

    still kickin' )

    February 2013
  • PedroSaldanha

    My first TCB song, I was like "WTF? This is great!" When I first saw the video on MTV Brazil. [2]

    November 2012
  • Jorgov_

    pes 2010!!

    June 2012
  • Sanvien

    Makes me want to dance so badly!

    December 2011
  • MeinKraft

    PES 2010! Awe-some!

    April 2011
  • escalonab

    Omg how come I've never heard this before??

    November 2010
  • Adrianovaz2007

    My first TCB song, I was like "WTF? This is great!" When I first saw the video on MTV Brazil.

    September 2010
  • RoboticDance


    July 2010
  • R3B3L1724

    Who knew am playing am this on the stroke of midnight XD

    May 2010
  • relfybeats

    I love it so much! Thanks for this guys!

    April 2010
  • JazzyUh_


    April 2010
  • alexia_N

    The video is hilarious.

    February 2010
  • soulsurfer32


    February 2010
  • soulsurfer32


    February 2010
  • PeterWalton

    I agree with the comment below, this is where i first heard this song!

    January 2010
  • skowrons

    When i playing Midnight Club: Los Angeles and listening this song... shit.. it's awesome!

    December 2009
  • CravingClarity

    tune and a half!

    December 2009
  • slacku

    pro uber mastah !

    November 2009
  • ich_liebe_musik

    great tune in pes 2010 :D

    October 2009
  • dead_seattle


    October 2009
  • PinkAndOrange

    great video! :D

    September 2009
  • MauricioLeon


    September 2009
  • rauzitu_blah

    Gotta love the bassline on this one.

    August 2009
  • Hundredfire

    F***ing wicked clip!

    June 2009
  • ronnyfm

    I like it!!! ♥

    June 2009
  • Naathiw

    I Love This Video !

    April 2009
  • TheyHateYou

    Love this Video... SO much. But last time I checked.. embed is disabled on YouTube. :[

    April 2009
  • tin4eto

    great song indeed

    February 2009
  • dathieri

    great song, reminds me of some song long ago...

    February 2009
  • rkat


    February 2009
  • herr_monk

    the melody is just perfect. love it!

    February 2009
  • Nonapetita

    Un dels seus temes que menys em cansa...

    February 2009
  • djlegofachair

    this tune would beat the fanny off your old girl!!!!

    February 2009
  • ToxDuris

    the video is super cool :P

    January 2009
  • kurczan

    Mind blowing, wooooow

    January 2009
  • Nonapetita

    Molt sonor, m´agrada bastant.

    January 2009
  • skillorzzo

    Fucking awesome song !!!

    January 2009
  • Cisownik

    And an awesome video to boot.

    December 2008
  • Cisownik

    The best Chemical Brothers song since "Hey Boy, Hey Girl". Fact!

    December 2008
  • Htleah

    bros. in the house

    December 2008
  • Moioui

    amazing! <3

    December 2008
  • kori_t

    first time I heard to this it was like: what Oo? but now I love it! (L)

    December 2008
  • fsk-_-

    BergamotGrey: it *is* longer, 8 minutes 15 seconds actually. Go get your hands on Electronic Battle Weapon 10.

    November 2008
  • jamezdd73

    This song is freakin' awesome

    November 2008
  • BergamotGrey

    With a melody like that, it should've built up after possibly starting it out a bit slower; In order to be one of the psychedelic-ly sexy B-sides that they're famous for. The inspiration's there for them in this track, but it just sounds rushed at just 3-4 minutes in length... Wish it was longer.

    November 2008
  • DaTechChuy

    I love this fucking song !!!

    October 2008
  • krob47

    No inspiration at all, but still a fan because of Star Guitar.

    October 2008
  • zawoxi

    masterpiece,love CB!

    October 2008