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The Chemical Brothers



  • all tracks mesh so well together.. they hadn't done that since.. exit planet dust
  • adoro.
  • FYI kids thie dance trax on here are not deep house. Fuckin-A
  • i like it
  • Best thing they've done so far.
  • gooood!!
  • great *.*
  • ...am trying to give it a chance; listening to it as if it's the first chem bros I ever heard. Hard to do when there are such SICK bomb tracks in their past. Guess I'm just partial to the older stuff (surrender's good, too; but is there an instrumental version of 'hey boy, hey girl'?)
  • Love this album, love all the songs on it.
  • So much better than the last two.
  • I don't disagree, Come With Us was also good, but I think Further is even better. I suppose if you ignored PtB and WatN then there's a nice gradient from the very beginning of their career through to this one. I guess that you're right though, we should be talking about Further as a progression from Come With Us, not Surrender.
  • why do people keep mentioning Surrender as if they didn't make Come With Us right after that? CWU is easily as much a precedent to this album as Surrender - songs like Star Guitar and Galaxy Bounce and Denmark... easily the logical step before this. The only albums we can safely forget are We Are The Night and Push the Button.
  • Chemical Brothers are Guarantee. Can never let you down
  • I love this album. Best one since surrender. [3] Its good because they stopped trying to be cool, ditched the cred-hungry collabs, over-the-top pumping beats, and weird experiements and went back to what they do best - making beautiful electronic music.
  • божественные звуки)) очень хороший альбом)
  • minimalnoize, This isn't electro-house but Deep-House
  • WOwwws to the bros!!! Great album!!!Fresh sound, give some of what you guys are smoking to the daft punks!
  • dopest 5uck!
  • I like the sterile spineless sound of their electro-house style and their e.breaks and breaks. I think this album has alot of elements and I think the lo fi and tropics got to them. This is a great album.
  • Not too thrilled with where the evolution of their sound has taken them. How did they go from dirty squelchy electro that took no prisoners to this more sterile, spineless sound? Not that it's not a good album, just a disappointing C.Bros album. Name one track on this album that REALLY has some balls.... (before you start bashing me, know that I've loved their music since 'Dig... ')
  • absolutely amazing...
  • i think this album goes back to surrender but there is now such a strong track like out of control. CB in this album starting to remember those times. I hope next work will be better.
  • wow!
  • I love this album.Best one since surrender. [2]
  • :)
  • Love the new album, reminds me of your earlier works.
  • IMO, after Surrender and Push the Button, CB went on a descending slope. I just hope they hit the trough with this album, so they can rise again :) ... waiting for their next work.
  • I'm not sure I'm enjoying this new album.
  • woooow ;O
  • Йо!
  • Fresh Sound lovin it I sooo want it am gonna act like a 6 yr old brat lol
  • Good!! very Good!!!
  • So psychedelic. Great album !
  • I love this album.Best one since surrender.
  • Will keep listening, but as a whole, there seems to be something missing that was there in those classic albums...
  • It's a grower! great sound!
  • ha! :D it's actually growing on me. 2nd impression > 1st. 3rd even > than 2nd ... najs :))
  • liking it. quite good.
  • I think it is just nice... I mean it flows flawlessly but only some songs can be taken out to stand on their own, escape velocity is just way too long and that is certainly a weakness, another world just doesn't make it on its own, and the closer is fine but nothing new, dissolve, horse power and swoon and possibly maybe kdb are solid on their own I'd like to see them return to their root soundscapes in their next album...
  • This album is incredible, haven't followed these guys since Surrender and I think this one is just as good and maybe better as a whole.
  • I still like [url=http://www.last.fm/music/The+Chemical+Brothers/Surrender]This one[/url] but perhaps [album artist=the chemical brothers]Further[/album] will grow on me after more listens
  • And once again brilliant.
  • Horse... power, horse... power... - awesome!
  • WOOOW! The name says it all: The have made it even Further *.* Thanks for sharing your chemical talent : D
  • both thumbs up!
  • SHIT GOOD, getting high like fuck with this
  • ugh reading my own very bad typo: knight is night ofcourse :D
  • we are the knight was more my personal favorite. this album is way to psycic for me. some songs are ok, but most of them are just to repetitive.
  • fuck
  • It's Another World for the Chems....


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