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  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
    A classic of modern psychedelia.
  • Avatar for rockkiller124
    ★★★★★ [2]
  • Avatar for Rezzo64
    This used to be my favourite album a few years ago, great times!
  • Avatar for lucaslups
    Indeed, a masterpiece.
  • Avatar for SirMufpo
    A classic, in every sense of the word.
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
  • Avatar for dAdriano
  • Avatar for Reparations
    Electronic dope.
  • Avatar for achiip
  • Avatar for mikemax69
    this record has made me achieved their deserved respect to gender, for which Im not very familiarized. the best album by far. in that order. has three distinct parts. Tracks: 01-05: electrifying energy. 06-08: addictive trance. 09-11: psychedelic & emotional. perfect
  • Avatar for reki007
    best CB album
  • Avatar for debux
    Woha, Elektrobank has like, a third of the listens that I thought it had. It's such a smashing tune, how it changes from one mood to the other is perfect.
  • Avatar for fearthedawn
    this CD has been in my car for years, one of the best albums ever made :D
  • Avatar for coke_stuff
  • Avatar for elastobabe01
  • Avatar for Maxamaiki
    Their best album, in my opinion. [ 2 ]
  • Avatar for vamosscorcho
    this album is so good it brings me to tears. i've been listening to this since I first heard it at age 10. I had heard all sortss of shit growing up but it wasn't really until the opening moments of 'Block Rockin Beats' that I became truly obsessed with music!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Magdish
    Their best album, in my opinion.
  • Avatar for benutzerdame
    The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole, available as fully playable album on DEZIBEL: enjoy the crossfader!
  • Avatar for Prusdrum
    me like it hehe
  • Avatar for russianvoodoo
    fucking awesome!
  • Avatar for LittleBabyBoy
    ниарли нин
  • Avatar for TCDB
    definitely the best album from them
  • Avatar for blacknail
    Best album by them, just awesome <3
  • Avatar for fookin_doys
    Setting Sun is fookin' awesome...
  • Avatar for Kesla1995
    Great album , this is my 3nd favourite LP of Chemicals ;)
  • Avatar for LivingShit
    some really good psych parts (end of elektrobank into piko is total headfuck), but ultimately pretty stone-handed in composition (drop this in, drop this out, drop this in, etc.) best track: lost in the k-hole.
  • Avatar for not_to_be
    Best album.
  • Avatar for jeff071
    Probably their most balls to the wall, insane, release.
  • Avatar for facingeast
    Awesome album. Noisy, lively and sounds great.
  • Avatar for JumpinFrog
    This was also the first album I bought. My older brother was an electronic music junkie so I somehow knew about this record at the age of 11 or so. I'm sure that set my life in a different direction forever. Amazing record.
  • Avatar for dumblet06
    This album is sick, I just bought it. Late I know :)
  • Avatar for C3R14LK1L4
    First album I bought, when I was a little kid... ~18€ in that time, (for a 13 year kid, quite heavy) but an excellent investment.
  • Avatar for loudecibels
    Nothing beats the original version of "Setting Sun." Very great feel to the whole album.
  • Avatar for adam_wrong
    Starts off in excellence, however near it doesn't matter, the album turns a bit mediocre, before leaving you stunned by The Private Psychedelic Reel. A bit overated compared to most excellent albums such as Exit Planet Dust.
  • Avatar for EDAUDIO
    The private psychedelic reel, and lost in the K-hole... amazing tracks! Love the chemical bros. Also check out their album 'come with us' which is my personal fave by them. I think this is second, although this album is the one i have least listen to but i can tell it is very good!
  • Avatar for LOSTFREEQ
  • Avatar for JJM1
    Awesome album, especially Setting Sun. Strange to think that in all the years I've been on this site that only first now have I stuck this disc in my computer for the first time. Weird.
  • Avatar for null7elf
    their best.
  • Avatar for kingrich742
    One of the best albums I have ever heard, schizophrenic psychedelica from start to end. Nuts!
  • Avatar for aocavallari
    the cover of this album is just fantastic....
  • Avatar for DEISIS74
    The best of CB!
  • Avatar for coltronv2
    If i had to choose a favorite chemical brothers album it would be tis all the way.
  • Avatar for dazbum
    Who is this doing the synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funkin?
  • Avatar for elastobabe01
    ...ELEKTROBANK...the power of pain and how it sounds like.. just overwhelming!!!
  • Avatar for GoodVibes_22
    I got this album a couple of years ago. I wish I had it at the time it came out because I kind of feel like I missed out if that makes any sense.
  • Avatar for lizvonkatz it♥ got nice memories with this one. definitely their best.
  • Avatar for kiptin
    My first CB album. I have some others but they don't quite reach this mad level.
  • Avatar for Zeppledelin
    These guys were quite fantastic back in those days, yeah.
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