• lyrics game

    17 Aug 2007, 19:34 by hypehat

    1) stick itunes/ipod on shuffle
    2)note the first 30 song lyrics, no matter how naff/easy/obscure
    3)let you lot try to guess
    4)correct answers will be put in bold
    5)go! go! go!

    1) One
    2)To know know know him
    3)Gone Are the days the nights the hands in hell that i tried to find
    4) It's automatic when i...
    5)I like the way you walk
    6)Let me tell y'all what its like, being male middle class
    7)I never thought i'd get this lonely
    8)when will we get the time to be just friends?
    9)I was sitting there in the comfort of my chair and that was all that i needed
    10)Like a rolling stone!
    11)Sweet little kitten on the porch sleeps
    12)ride up, ride up to california-ay-ay-yay-yay-yip-ay-yay!
    13)Everybody says that they're looking for a shelter
    14)trying to find where trouble ends
    15)ten years ago, on a cold dark night
    16)No matter how strong i'm gonna take you down
    17)i would love tour the south lands in a travelling minstrel show
    18)stop the press, i wanna be lonely