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There are at least 2 bands called The Chasers:

1. Straight out of Athens, GA, The Chasers perform original country music ranging from up-beat bar room swingers to heart-ripped-out ballads mixed with a few deep cuts from the original outlaws of country music. The Chasers Are: Drums/Vocals - Jeff Simpson (The Vinci), Bass - David Gilliard, Guitar - Marcus Thompson (Lona), Pedal Steel - John Neff (Japancakes, Barbara Cue, The Star Room Boys and The Drive By Truckers), Vocals/Guitar - Clay Leverett (Drip, The Lures, Azure Ray, Now It's Overhead, and Lona).

One album, titled "Volume I," was released in 2005.

"Old school country…. From the start, the band has been about returning to the heyday of Nashville; their debut album reflects that goal well, as there are plenty of songs about heartache, women and drinkin'. Anyone who's ever heard a Merle Haggard or George Jones country ballad can instantly imagine what a song called "I'd Do It Right This Time" sounds like, even if they've never heard it - and the Chasers flesh that out perfectly, from the opening, lazy strings to the song's booming chorus." Will Brooks - Flagpole Magazine Review

2. THE CHASERS were:
Bass/ Vocals Danny McCormack
Guitar / Vocals Neil Chaser
Keyboards Paul "Bucky" Buckingham
Guitar / Vocals Darrell Bath

"The Chasers - The Early Days" by ShutterMan

In 2001, Danny McCormack (The Wildhearts, The Yo-Yo's) called by to see the ShutterMan a few days after his return home from the summer Wildhearts tour. Maan! he was fired from a very early stage to get back on board and prove to himself and any doubters that he could bounce back and bigger and stronger than ever. With friends and family and huge amount of will power Danny was turning a corner and thinking creatively straight away. We're gonna do a band!! You wanna do a band Danny?. OK we'll do a band.

Neil Chaser teams up with Danny and other local geezers Bucky and Andy Drum. Good four piece. 10 days in and out of the studio in Shields sees Stick Around, Life Goes That Way and Good Company recorded and mixed for the Onwards and Upwards EP. Along with its spoken word dialogue, "Who'll make that music , Danny, Danny McCormack. When will this be, when the time is right she said, Stick Around."

Andy Drum moves on at an early stage, not gonna work out, temporary drummer Gary Buckingham comes on board, but rehearsal and studio for Bucky junior only.

Meanwhile ShutterMan starts working with ex-Dogs D'Amour , Ian Hunter Band, Dan Baird Band, Sabre Jet-type geezer called Darrell Bath. Darrell - get yer album sorted, shit . Done already, you wanna join the best band about to blast out of Geordieland in years Darrell. OK get in the rehearsal room, sparks fly, good tunes - Flying, Tattoo, Good Company, Stick Around, Darrell's on board as a Chaser.

A few late night artwork sessions with John at big PURPLE box and a great photo shoot with Tom Holmes on a sea pier in a fairground and in Tyneside industrial riverside sees a mood and a team developing. Watch for some good shots of the Chasers and exceptional photos of Darrell for his solo work, something still missing - no drummer.

Three weeks later with Darrell finishing his last commitments with Dan Baird in Europe drummers travel North to try out for The Chasers. Bonfire night - "Fireworks with Johnny" at the Shoebox International Arena.

The Cheesemakers surprise all with a great set and everyone gets ready for Johnny Zhivago, hang on that's not Johnny Zhivago next to Tun, its Danny with his bass.

" Hello, tonight playing a short set, we have on vocals and bass - Danny McCormack" crowd goes mental " on geeetar and vocals - Neil Chaser and on drummmmmms tonight introducing The Chasers brand new drummer… Mr. Mark 'Mayhem' Mayhew - playing live after only one 2 hour rehearsal". Mark shone despite blowing fuses on the PA as he nervously climbed into his drumming position. Mark Mayhem tag was issued, but boy did he drum.

The Chasers blasted out Stick Around and the place was buzzin' straight away. Certainly no official gig but nobody was in doubt who was up there playing. The crowd twitched and jostled for the best photo positions, shit if this what's goin' down with three band members and Mayhem only two hours in - whooaa. Stick Around , You Puttin' Me Down , Flying (strong mid paced ballad) and Tattoo, great applause and extra for Mayhem.

Metal Hammer interview next and soon the return of Mayhem and Darrell from London… full on rehearsals ready for The Chasers first official gig at The Cellar Club, South Shields on the 27th November. Changes One Label Showcase with The Cheesemakers and Tracie Hunter Band… early days… not much yet… but shitloads more to come… don't be surprised to see The Chasers crankin' it on the bill along with B Movies, Bubble ;-) , Black Halos, Cheesemakers, Nutrajet, Psycho a Go Go, Johnny Zhivago, Anti Product, Tyla and alongside anyone who can "Walk like a Motherfucker"… You wanna see and hear more… "Stick 'a' Round".


A long time ago, a wise man spoke of Rock and Roll.

It was a rainy night, a cold night, in a warm pub in a northern sea port. In the Garrick's Head, the jukebox played; mind stretching music from America, onward and upward, warmth and good company.

Pat, landlady, spoke; "One day - you'll hear music so powerful, it'll demolish this place and rebuild it in its own image; an image in sound and passion - life as it's lived, life as it has to be, life goes that way.

"Who'll make this music?" "Danny, Danny McCormack. The Chasers".

"When will this be Pat? The lady smiled "When the time time is right" she said. "Stick around"

The Chasers features Danny McCormack from The Wildhearts and previously in The Yo-Yo's. In 2001 they released their debut EP, Onwards and Upwards on ChangesOne Records.

With the reformation of The Wildhearts, The Chasers project has been put on ice indefinitely.

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