• I've been trying to resist writing an entry like this, I really have...

    21 Jan 2008, 00:09 by InfiniteDoom

    ...but people who ignorantly hate rap really do annoy me. Any blind reasoning for hating rap is just that - blind reasoning, and I don't bother arguing with people over it due to the fact that they won't changed their terrible opinions.

    I will, however address one argument that I've taken interest in lately: that of sampling.

    Recently I've started to look at sampling music in an entirely new light. People may say that it takes no talent to take a part of an old song and mix it in with a new song, but I'd really beg to differ - just look at any of the various mashup DJs producing music (Girl Talk's Night Ripper is a prime example). Any producer who can incorporate a sample into new material and make it sound good is a true music artist in my opinion, which leads me to believe that sampling really is a form of musical art.

    Some examples of flawless sampling:

    N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton (samples Amen, Brother by The Winstons) - popularly known as the "Amen break")