• 5 songs I can't stop listening to...

    13 Oct 2008, 22:49 by Poisoned_Apathy


    The Chamber Strings - For The Happy Endings
    If I'd take the tittle of this entry literally, I should list 5 songs by the Chamber Strings, since they're the band I can't stop listening to right now. This song is stunning. So lush and sophisticated, but so warm, nostalgic and melancholic at the same time. Timeless.

    Moloko - Familiar Feelings
    My Róisín Murphy obssession has taken me to retake Moloko's music. I love the romance of this song - its soft 'northern soul-y' touch it's just charming and enchanting. Mrs Murphy's vocals are to die for.

    Brett Anderson - Back to You
    Probably his best song as a solo artist. I love its simplicity - reminds me of the emotinal beauty of Suede's first ballads like Pantomime Horse -. The piano and the cello, the female vocalist, the lyrics...

    Zoé - No Me Destruyas
    Love this track. The lyrics about a love/hate relatioship. Love the images León uses on his lyrics, it's probably one the best and most original trademarks of the band. …
  • Some quick updates....

    8 Jun 2007, 16:15 by Tweedyzgirl

    First of all, the television segment I'm doing on They Might Be Giants has been rescheduled to run next season. Expect it to air in September. I'll give specifics when I have them.

    Second of all, I got a pretty cool summer job. I'm interning for Glorious Noise, which means I'll be writing reviews for them as well as doing all of the busy work that no one else wants to touch. This means all of the free CDs I can listen to, and I'll be going to tons of shows! (I'm working on my first review right now...but the subject is top secret! Kidding, it's not really, but it'll be a surprise when you finally get to see it.)

    This weekend is Ribfest on the north side of Chicago. My picks for the fest: Dollar Store, The Blacks and The Deadstring Brothers on Saturday and The Chamber Strings and Dolly Varden on Sunday. I can be found at the "Country" stage all of Saturday evening, for sure.

    One last thing...I turn 20 on Sunday so, happy birthday to me! You can be sure there will be a full CD report. …