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  • Avatar for iriebob
    I never forget how good this band is.
  • Avatar for tjd9
    I forgot how good this band is.
  • Avatar for humbertomjunior
    Great band!
  • Avatar for Freitagszauber
  • Avatar for Kyonil
    Очень хорошие ребята. Очень-очень. А трек "Dancing On Our Graves" можно слушать вечно.
  • Avatar for indy02
    Love the new album. Excited to see these dudes tomorrow.
  • Avatar for LiteraryBum
    SHINEisAgem. goingonAmix. IMlivingINyrMAKEup imDRIVINGinyrTEAcup
  • Avatar for LiteraryBum
    Sparse&Rich. Haunting&Cozy. Powerful&Tender. yrAmess ofLOVELYcontradiction. &onrepeat.
  • Avatar for PonKsX
    New album is just so amazing.
  • Avatar for GonnaGetYouAll
    @vihreakuolema : I love The Acorn! Pretty different style, but yeah, super good! "Almanac" is to die for...
  • Avatar for GonnaGetYouAll
    Their music is amazing...I've just listened to Invitation Songs, and they're my new favorite band. These guys are the shit!
  • Avatar for ohsnapattack
    I almost cried at your Bonnaroo show.
  • Avatar for vihreakuolema
    If you like the Cave Singers, Try the Acorn from Ottawa, Canada!
  • Avatar for micelovecookies
    Great show tonight in Missoula! I couldn't stop smiling...or dancing.
  • Avatar for burkey_boy
    does anyone have the lyrics for Bramble? it is beautiful, but can't find lyrics
  • Avatar for Adjar-one
    well, my very first instincts are telling me that the 1st album, invitaion songs, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than ehhh *scrolls up* no witch. But im reserving judgement
  • Avatar for riazor
    Why is Shrine not in the top-15...
  • Avatar for ohsweetie
    saw you at rifflandia on friday night. great running into pete outside. great amazing transformative show! good work!
  • Avatar for edelweiss7
    dancing on our graves = love
  • Avatar for Penley7
    Really amazing live! First time I actually really enjoyed an opening act -they played before Fleet Foxes and I got the album right after the concert!
  • Avatar for mattywuh
    Amazing gig at Green Man again... so glad I got to see them both times there. Come back for more London gigs soon!
  • Avatar for zaz0
    i'm seeing the cave singers 2 weeks in a row!!! i saw them on saturday and i'm gunna see them next week at the green man festival!!
  • Avatar for Masada_4
    I simply love their sound. One of the nicest recent discoveries ^^
  • Avatar for TheHochhaus
    concert in munic was just awesome, I can recommend it to everyone out there, who likes super-pleasant artists selling their on merchandise stuff and dancing on their freaking graves. And thanks for the talk after, Pete!!
  • Avatar for Docfeech
    Like the Cave Singers? They made this week's "Weekly Pick" on North of Nashville. Check out the full story at
  • Avatar for paulgiunta
    Photographs from the L.A. show are up on my site ( and the rest are up on Prefix Magazine (
  • Avatar for jezebelblue22
    come to Australia!
  • Avatar for ShuffleItAll
    new video for black leaf:
  • Avatar for Sooft_ah_um
    Good stuff!
  • Avatar for speakslow
    too good.
  • Avatar for FJRabon
    My review of the new album:
  • Avatar for CreepingElm
    The Cave Singers @ The Autry Museum in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, Ca 3.13.11 Thank you for the much fun show!
  • Avatar for azul0182
    Always have loved these boys... got to write about them in my SxSW project over at
  • Avatar for jonwboudreaux
    I love these guys...great music to chill to.
  • Avatar for colourmeleft
    sometimes listening to the cave singers makes me so happy i can't stand it. seen them live a few times-- amazing.
  • Avatar for fastlane01
    good band, seen them live too, as a support act
  • Avatar for BingeListening
    "Even when The Cave Singers progress away from the stripped down sound of their first albums it winds up sounding a lot like an homage to other influences and likenesses."
  • Avatar for NM05
    Really love the soul in Haystacks. Good stuff.
  • Avatar for joeldg
    Great stuff, happy to find.
  • Avatar for balzadelia
    Holy Cow!!! these pulled a master-stroke not a bad song on the new album great mix of folk-rock mild psychedelia and hints of soul gospel to 9 out of 10 from me
  • Avatar for CollectToNYC
    Haller Lake is hypnotizing
  • Avatar for TheHochhaus
    no witch is just good.
  • Avatar for simillarian
    I'm very happy with the new album. There are a lot of songs which capture what I loved about Invitation Songs.
  • Avatar for dufflesj
    new album is great!!!
  • Avatar for james2015
    New album fookin rules! different, but can't stop listening.
  • Avatar for vadino
    Great music. I discovered them on stage : they were doing the 1st part of Wovenhand a few years back, in Paris.
  • Avatar for luisgale
  • Avatar for eighteenforever
    new album is good!
  • Avatar for redisbled
    Welcome Joy :)
  • Avatar for grets222
    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm so excited to begin a obsession with these guys/


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