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  • Avatar for mchnho
    why people don't listen like this? what a nice surprise!! THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANT!!
  • Avatar for iwannagoindeep
  • Avatar for ReedToGo
    Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback!
  • Avatar for dbqx
  • Avatar for joshactive
    cadê essa buceta de álbum
  • Avatar for roxn
    I want it bad, I want a bad girl, baby, bad
  • Avatar for edwayles
    pLs cOm3 t0 bRaZiL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [2]
  • Avatar for brrrrrighter
    pLs cOm3 t0 bRaZiL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for YaeliLol
  • Avatar for Snav96
    Lock Me Up EP <3
  • Avatar for PedroZanini
    Amor é pouco pra definir.
  • Avatar for TrymLastfm
    The new EP is very good!
  • Avatar for isapops
    Zzzz it's THE song.
  • Avatar for Pudin_
    Moon fav forever ♥
  • Avatar for xxY2Jxx
    Angel With A Shotgun ♥
  • Avatar for BlackkButterfly
    The new EP isn't bad, but I feel like it's missing something.
  • Avatar for MysteryMushroom
    Stand Up is the highlight of the new EP.
  • Avatar for rachaelc1878
    I love the new EP :).
  • Avatar for kibummies
    lock me up is all right. it's a far cry from the masterful work of symphony soldier, but it's not bad. i was just expecting something to top soldier, which unfortunately, lock me up didn't for me.
  • Avatar for callitallhome
    so alex is the only original member left? sounds damn right. oh well, as long as i have his voice on records i'm fine. i mean, marshall will be deeply missed because of his amazing work on symphony soldier (as much as crawford was missed after whisper war's epic guitar solos, johnson in both albums' drums, and of course garcia and dawson). i hope we get to hear a lot more of thunder, briggs and chance on future records. deleon is most of all a poet/singer. this band is awesome.
  • Avatar for will_pd
    Lock Me Up EP available on Spotify. <3
  • Avatar for ehiparadise
  • Avatar for isolation_00
    Omfg love this
  • Avatar for RiotLucas
    New album coming in this year 2014 xD
  • Avatar for Bitard671
    мне нравится
  • Avatar for Bitard671
  • Avatar for scootURboot
    So much for an album due out in 2013, amirite?
  • Avatar for YoungKilljoys
    Disturbia :3
  • Avatar for sashasuperman
    my love <333
  • Avatar for allgoodsins
    Angel with a shotgun: Destiel theme song. [4]
  • Avatar for Mrs_Benzedrine
    Soldiers! Vote for yourselves! Let's win this shit!
  • Avatar for sowrongitsdavid
    Top photo! Vote up!
  • Avatar for Niahn
    Temporary Bliss ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for electricmelody
    I can't believe that I also forgot about them. Every song on Whisper War = <3!
  • Avatar for cenilec
    I totally forgot about them. So good to listen to their music again ♥
  • Avatar for riandey31
    Her Love is My Religion is addicting.
  • Avatar for dreamxcreate
    Angel with a shotgun: Destiel theme song. [3] I love this band!
  • Avatar for Pudin_
  • Avatar for dufenschmirz
    I love them so much
  • Avatar for ivanbl07
    Canta muy bien desde Venezuela Maracay Edo. Aragua el Limón .
  • Avatar for NikkiOnFire
    I'm intoxicated by this band~
  • Avatar for apptfire
    check out my song-a-day blog featuring Vegas Skies by The Cab
  • Avatar for Gibzster
    Endlessly & Temporary Bliss <3
  • Avatar for lence_
    Temporary Bliss! ♥
  • Avatar for K-Lipee
    Alex Marshall ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for ThatBakedPotato
    Alex Marshall ♥
  • Avatar for ObssesedBunny
    Lets talk about, when you guys are coming to germany.. :]
  • Avatar for AzharyElantiaz
    These guy are great [6]
  • Avatar for PokeL
    Angel with a shotgun: Destiel theme song. [2]
  • Avatar for pineapplemango
    lol maroon 5 feat the cab


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