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Since the release of 2008's groundbreaking debut 'In Waking: Divinity', The Breathing Process have prided themselves on the hybrid nature of their music…showcasing a frankly jaw dropping ability to splice symphonic Black Metal with Death Metal, they also manage to introduce elements of epic ambiance and melody unseen by most bands in today's realm of heavy music.

Relentless touring with a wide variety of bands within different genres (Abigail Williams, Full Blown Chaos, Oceano, The Ghost Inside and many more) resulted in TBP gaining fans from all across the spectrum.

2010 now sees the release of the band's eagerly awaited follow up to '…Divinity' in the form of the monstrous opus that is 'Odyssey : (Un)Dead'. Conceptually based on a single persons journey down the path of exile, it's songs progress in bold, variant movements that emphasize upon the power and landscapes of the world's elements; Oceans, Forests, Great Plains, Glaciers and Deserts. These elements are reflected in the songs themselves, almost as if each song is an interpretation of the world's vastness…huge, grandiose keyboard flourishes blend with pulverizing riffs and breakneck drumming, topped off by a perfect balance of screamed and sung vocal patterns.

The sheer variety of the songs on display in this album are living proof that The Breathing process are not just one of the versatile bands around today, but also one of the most exciting…2010 will be the year that The Breathing Process make their mark in the world of heavy music.

John LaFreniere - Vocals
Jordan Milner - Guitars
Sara Loerlien- Guitar
Jared Sloan - Keyboards
Julian Parker - Bass

Tormentahl - Drums


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