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    3 Jan 2011, 13:40 by Food_For_Cat

  • Mixtape Vol. III - Northern Soul

    21 Jan 2009, 03:25 by SI_Failed

    Here’s a tape that’s not powerpop. Featuring Motown, (Northen) Soul, 60s Girl Groups and Beat Music as well as other miscellaneous genres by modern groups influenced by them. (No Supremes or Diana Ross though, sorrey) I’m a big fan of the 60s divas – Lesley Gore, Helen Shapiro, Evie Sands and Ronnie Spector. I’ve picked more than a few songs written by Ellie Greenwich, it’s pretty hard to find a song that wasn’t written by her. The new stuff is pretty diverse some how Fucked Up do soul songs too... that gives you some idea of the influence.

    There was a ton of stuff from the modern era that I wanted to fit on the b-side but just couldn’t for the length of 45mins. Sahara Hotnights do a great cover of In Private (Dusty Springfield). Heaps of great modern soul beat bands like The Booze, Soda Pop Kids, Nobunny. Lots of covers from new and old groups. I’m going to have to post an outtakes of these songs so stay tuned for that one.