• The Bouncing Souls finally show up in SLC again!

    19 Apr 2008, 06:11 by Kerensky97

    Well I got my sister to come to the Wed 16 Apr – The Bouncing Souls concert, she's a big fan of The Bouncing Souls so calling her up and telling her they were playing was all it took.

    Unfortunately work kept me from seeing the first opening band. I only caught the end and all I can say is that it's worth spending an extra minutes to check mic and guitar volume. Either that or the sound guy is just a moron, the music should have balance so we can understand the words being sung and not just hear the bass guitar. Other than the poor sound balance they seemed alright.

    Next up was an odd collection of band members, my sister said it looked like a High School band that was playing for prom. However when they started it really wasn't too bad. They had some good energy and seemed like they were having fun. It didn't hurt that they were playing a bunch of classic punk covers and I love cover songs.

    Last up was the Bouncing Souls and seeing them made me feel old. …