17 Feb 2010, 13:33 by TRUANTSTRUANTS

    Drop The Lime/Luca Venezia's pomade had been taken away on the airport the day he played Amsterdam, which was quite the issue as Luca won't ever rest without a perfectly styled pompadour. The lack of slick luckily didn't come with a lack of rapture and we had a moment with Luca to ask him about his upcoming Drop The Lime album, the progress of his label Trouble & Bass, surrealistic moments during his DJ-sets and his favorite rock 'n roll artists. Limes were squeezed and dropped, its footage to be surfaced on this blog soon. It seems like this year is going to be a really good one for Luca which means it's going to be good for all of us, as Luca is one of the most exciting producers around at the moment. Keep dancing. Be happy, keep going. Never sleep! Let's go!

    Read the interview here! We've talked about music, happiness, what's coming up this year and the following artists: