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    Very Good! Eu Tinha o LP Friends, Cheguei a Ouvi-lo Pouca Vezes, E Gostei, isso Ainda nos Anos 80, e Atualmente Consegui a Discografia Completa em Mp3, E Está Editadinha Com Qualidade e Descrição, Quem Quiser e Estiver a Fim, é Só M Procura, Via WhatsApp 55 81 99999-8025 --------> (
  • Avatar for Foresterregn
    even if you're maimed by a Grizzly bear
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  • Avatar for icelandiccold
    Шедевральны. Этим всё сказано. [2]
  • Avatar for MapOfMyHead
    Очень клёвая группа
  • Avatar for DjsMix74
    Sunday morning!!! :-)
  • Avatar for leneheart
  • Avatar for Lynnan
    One of the most underrated bands ever. They're great, by the way.
  • Avatar for Nekrovoor
    Started listening to them without knowing Sunday Morning was their song. I was so pleasantly surprised by it. Friends is a great album.
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  • Avatar for miserific
    Such a happy boy today.
  • Avatar for Olleroo
    Впечатляет, давно такого не было. гыыыы....одни русские :DD
  • Avatar for Socyopat
    Шедевральны. Этим всё сказано.
  • Avatar for yuri_s_a_n
    hearing Sunday Morning on the radio was love at first listen. Then Away, Looking For a Life To Lose, Crack In Smile, Someone's Daughter...This band really grows on you, and it only gets better.
  • Avatar for Argentum99
    away великолепна
  • Avatar for in_dee
    Away просто прекрасен.
  • Avatar for badbrainn
    <3 Pardon Me <3
  • Avatar for eugostodepolvo
    Sunday morning <3
  • Avatar for slowpulse-girl
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    Ahh...Trevor. Such a charming vocalist.
  • Avatar for mel_caffeine
    Listening to The Bolshoi for more than 20 years. Never got tired doing so.
  • Avatar for RafaelDivoz
    Lindy's Party - very nice album :D
  • Avatar for ArturJanz
    'Num tom trágico-suicida-eletrônico.' (y)
  • Avatar for AdamDowds
    The last song I ever bought in the 2000's - 31st December 2009. Good song.
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  • Avatar for Gabriellm
    Mother says: "Today's a special day. So lets not fight ok?" The Bolshoi é do caralho!
  • Avatar for ShadowolfIncubi
    Foxes <3 omg what an amazingggg song
  • Avatar for IanAR
    Added to [url=/group/Streamable+Track+Wants/forum/57927/_/639770/_/13141525]Streamable Track Wants » Discussions » Artist Connections Overflow[/url]
  • Avatar for Ven2ri
    Idd, they r very underrated band.
  • Avatar for Dream__Obscene
    Such an underrated band. One of the best in their genre.
  • Avatar for rallyrude
  • Avatar for Auraomega
    "The Bolshoi 188,822 plays (14,566 listeners) 1,337 plays in your library"
  • Avatar for Auraomega
    Love the new picture!
  • Avatar for uzpurne
    You must really suck at searching then : )
  • Avatar for Ladyindecadence
    Only Goth band I've found on vinyl.
  • Avatar for Auraomega
    God I love Friends; best album by these guys, I don't think there's a single bad song on here, and Waspy never fails to put a smile on my face ;D
  • Avatar for sanyo815
    Why is She Don't Know at 23? Its one of my favourite songs of all time :-(
  • Avatar for VernianProcess
    Pretty much every song is excellent, while certain ones like Books on the Bonfire just blow my mind. I heard they once opened for Oingo Boingo. I imagine that would have been one of the most fun concerts of all time. =)
  • Avatar for moil23
    Grat band, definately love Away... their best song imo...
  • Avatar for Auraomega
    Sooooo... How come Sunday Morning is so popular? I know Away was on the Life Less Lived compilation album, (and also being tagged as A Way never helps), but what about Sunday Morning huh?
  • Avatar for DesireeGomez
    underrated they are.
  • Avatar for Gothtowncryer
    Anne-Marie Hurst (GHOST DANCE / SKELETAL FAMILY) Return of Influential Queen from the Vanguard of “Old Skool” Goth An influential queen from the vanguard of “Old Skool” Goth Rock returns Watch this space as to latest progress / tour dates!! Live appearance .. Saturday 31 October 2009, Bradfords Gasworks. My Space Email
  • Avatar for palebblueeyes
    in fact a really good band
  • Avatar for Freelove_
    Join my group: [url=]Post-Punk.[/url]
  • Avatar for HellsFire
    "Does anybody know where I can find lyrics?" Amsterdam is a David Bowie cover. Hope that makes it easier to find the lyrics.
  • Avatar for Wolfsheim_3
    goths make the best club music.
  • Avatar for Auraomega
    I'd love to hear the songs from Bigger Giants, but I've only managed to get my hands on Friends and Lindy's Party, so I can't comment on that, where did you manage to hear those tracks?
  • Avatar for Auraomega
    Why is Sunday Morning the most played song? I personally think A Funny Thing... or Crack In Smile are the best songs, but they rank so low. :P
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