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The Black Keys

Little Black Submarines (4:10)


  • The guitar tone in the electric bit sounds like the White Stripes. Yum.
  • essa música é muito amor.
  • Great tune,little splash of Mason Jennings intro i can hear.
  • This track is the bee's knee's.
  • Tom Petty vs. Led Zeppelin revisited
  • Stairway to Heaven revisited!!!! Great
  • it ends way too fast. awesome song.
  • the best song from the new album
  • Stairway to Heaven, for sure
  • Stairway
  • Aqualung people. Aqualung.
  • That guitar is totally playing Stairway, if you can't hear it you're crazy!
  • I'm a HUGE zeppelin fan, and really, it's not similar to "Stairway" in the least. If anything, I thought they were going to bust into "Mary Jane's Last Dance" mid-song.
  • Sounds like Jethro Tull..[2] yes, it's amazing song!
  • WTF! This song is perfect
  • Sounds like Jethro Tull..
  • yes! i thought i was the only one thinking it sounded like stairway to heaven! but i didn't want to sound narrow minded
  • Hahaha i thought i was the only one hearing the Stairway to Heaven influence.
  • Last Dance With Mary Jane, people. Not Stairway.
  • Not Stairway To Heaven.
  • Song of the Year
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • cant get this awesome track outta my head
  • Like
  • fuckin' masterpiece [11] <3
  • The Stairway to Heaven influence is clearly audible, great song.
  • so much soul in this song. love it.
  • best.
  • Fuuuck, this is the best song off the album for sure :)
  • fuckin' masterpiece [10]
  • fuckin' masterpiece [9] What a track!
  • After hearing this, there is no doubt in my mind that Jimi Hendrix lives on
  • fuckin' masterpiece [8]
  • The buzzing of the bottom string of the acoustic guitar on this track makes me cringe. The electric part is dope as fuck, though. Anybody else hear shades of "Mary Jane's Last Dance" in there, or is it just me?
  • fuckin' masterpiece [7]
  • Yes...Starway for me too. And ok, Aqualung is also not so far.
  • What an album. This one reminds me of Starway to Heaven
  • Love it :)
  • Aqualung? Anyway, is awesome!
  • best song of the album, by far....
  • fuckin' masterpiece [6]
  • those drums sound great.
  • Awesome ♫
  • I love this song....
  • hooked on the first listen
  • I get major White Stripes vibes from this song. [2] This is not a bad thing, in my opinion. The Stripes are my favouite band.
  • Me gusta.


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