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  • Avatar for Voltagx
    that riff is amazing!! O.O
  • Avatar for Vonaburt
    заебись такой стафф
  • Avatar for my_ataxia
    So much energy in this song.[2]
  • Avatar for anniemel13
    awesome .............they want to get my gold on the ceiling
  • Avatar for steve__
    Sounds like The White Stripes raping Red Hot Chili peppers with excellent results.
  • Avatar for Lebrick91
    these guys too have their own radio station, their influences are amazing!
  • Avatar for chenzi
    that intro is fuckin orgasmic
  • Avatar for maplejet
    This feels like Sympathy for the Devil and Rock and Roll Part 2 fused together into a new song.
  • Avatar for VortexofSaydir
    So much energy in this song. My favourite tune off the album.
  • Avatar for neonACTPONABT
    makes me jump. literally.
  • Avatar for Universe-FM
    This is better than Howlin' For You
  • Avatar for ZellVard
  • Avatar for jonerboner
    mmm so good.
  • Avatar for bonnieleigh
    Holy moly this is catchy.
  • Avatar for Mardy__Bum
    howlin' for you 2.0
  • Avatar for TheMusicalVito
    Genuinely incredible, but they totally rearranged most of "Howlin' for You" to make this one.
  • Avatar for Great_listener
    So. much. effing. fun!
  • Avatar for agentmaine
    Put on headphones, max out the bass, listen to this song on high volume, profit! So much bass.
  • Avatar for intheluminol
    ohhhh yeeeeah (Kool Aid Man style)
  • Avatar for srv_
    Fantastic song!
  • Avatar for IanCad
    agreed that is a major bonus
  • Avatar for amaann
    These guys never make a bad record, do they? I'm loving every song off the album
  • Avatar for drunkmachine-
  • Avatar for markusromano
    my favorite of the album i think
  • Avatar for barryvs
    You are right, it's a little like Rock and Roll Part 2.
  • Avatar for Acquiescence
    Glam-rock at its finest. It's like listening to Gary Glitter but not having to worry that you're enjoying music made by a paedophile, which is a bonus.
  • Avatar for grtrout
    Driving with the windows down on an unusually warm winter evening, this song is playing...and I'm loving it.
  • Avatar for dreamelectric
    Sooo addicting!
  • Avatar for Rawrbington
    GOLD ON THE CEILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for pphresh
    Best track on the new album and one of the best Keys song in general.
  • Avatar for yuri_carvalho
    nice riff
  • Avatar for XDRory
  • Avatar for FuMIol
    Reminds me a lot to "howling for you" Great song
  • Avatar for LiniusPallitax
    Loving this song.
  • Avatar for Dysrianism
    the vocals sorta remind me of Jim James from My Morning Jacket.
  • Avatar for jcpack89
  • Avatar for monkoosbob0
    Great, great song.
  • Avatar for cthund3r
  • Avatar for Vengerer
    wooooooooow what a song!
  • Avatar for vivalaveraa
  • Avatar for yinxianghecheng
    Favorite song on El Camino.


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