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  • Black Crowes - Band

    10 Jun 2007, 16:37 by lefthandandy

    The Band is the great lost Black Crowes album. Written and recorded in spring 1997, between the European tour of that year and the Furthur Festival in the summer, it's an album of beauty, with a laid-back, summery and mellow vibe that builds on its predecessor, Three Snakes and One Charm. There are some killer grooves and deeper excursions into country-rock than those on Three Snakes. It 'leaked' into trading circles in 2002 and was also given an official release last September, albeit with a rejigged track order, different takes used for the songs and the replacement of smile and Only A Fool with Peace Anyway. Personally, I prefer the original version, so that's what I'll be reviewing here. Here are some of my highlights on the album:

    2. smile
    A different, slightly heavier, version of this song eventually surfaced as one of the B-sides to Only A Fool, but the electric guitars don't suit the feel of the song as much. The original, with Marc Ford's slide guitar and Ed Harsch's tinkling keyboards, is superior.