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The Birthday Massacre

Midnight (3:43)


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  • tonight is forever
  • I knew it sounded familiar... I love both! :D But maybe they should have kept the name and called it a cover?
  • After reading these comments below I went to listen to this "Deliver Me" song to see for myself, and damn... this songs chorus is basically a carbon copy from that song innit
  • When all that you know has fallen behind you, it's not the past that you're afraid to see...
  • It's between this and "Leaving Tonight" for my favorite TBM song, and I'm pretty sure this one wins.
  • since everybody's talking about deliver me, could we at least credit the actual original, which is by the beloved? i have no problem with this being so similar to deliver me, though the all the fans protesting that it's just a coincidence seem a little disingenuous. probably just a case of 'cryptomnesia', which has plagued my own songwriting for ages! in any case, IMO tbm have at least done much more with the song creatively than sarah brightman's cover...
  • I love this group, they need to get darker
  • Can't believe you guys made me listen to this square; Sarah Brightman. We're all emotional humans, certain lyrical phrasings are inevitable, get over it.
  • Despite all those plagiarism wars (I don't believe they have [b]stolen[/b] the melody, though the similatiry is obvious), Midnight remains the greatest song off Pins and Needles and one of the most amazing TBM-tracks ever for me.
  • I love this song :D
  • Very funny how you're complaining about it. Sarah Brightman does it even more obviously than TBM. Remember her "It's a beautiful day"? It's almost entirely stolen from the German act Schiller's "Ein schöner Tag" but she just stated the aria as external songwriter credit.
  • v what a tool. out of all the music in the entire world, if you look around hard enough there's a pretty good chance you will find something that you can say sounds quite similar to what you started with. obviously when millions of people are using the same shit to make music there is going to be overlap. people steal shit all the time, sure, but i really sincerely doubt that tbm was lacking such inspiration and creativity that they thought, oh i like that sarah brightman song let's just rip that off. other than the annoying weekend/u2 comparison which is absolutely coincidence, i haven't heard any other complaints. if they can make the rest of their 60-70ish songs from scratch i think midnight probably came about the same way. give me a fucking break.
  • In thinking about it, I want to like this band, but the booklet says that the band wrote all of their music, and there is no reference to external songwriters on this song, which so obviously took musical patterns AND lyrics from "Deliver Me". That is borderline, if not over the border, copyright infringement. :(
  • i didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me to become my favourite song off the album!
  • Guess everyone caught the musical quote there already.
  • Yeah, it sounds almost exactly like Sarah Brightman's "Deliver Me"...
  • Nice song
  • O.O Nice I love them already
  • My favorite on the album too. Great song. :) [3]
  • My favorite on the album too. Great song. :) [2]
  • that one drum pattern sounds verrrry similar to Ministry's "Burning Inside"
  • It does sound like "Deliver Me", but I DO love this song :3
  • great
  • My favorite on the album too. Great song. :)
  • This is a good song but the chorus sounds exactly like deliver me, it's so true
  • My absolute favorite off the new album! <3
  • love this song, they didnt play it when i went to see them though :(
  • the verse from play dead sounds similar to this chorus, also the verse from always. but chorus is totally sarah brightman's deliver me =P
  • the chorus of this song, sounds a bit like 'deliver me' by sarah brightman. [2]
  • I love the verses of this song :) I agree that the chorus sounds recycled from Play Dead, though.
  • <3333333
  • the chorus = play dead :<
  • I absolutely LOVE the chorus of this song.
  • I was just about to say that too! It sounds quite similar to deliver me by sarah brightman in fact! last night on my ipod I was singing along to the chorus with deliver me's lyrics xD it's only the end bit that's different. not that I mind though, deliver me is one of the most beautiful songs ever created ♥
  • /agree with Hollenvaen. It's probably my favourite off the new album
  • Play Dead?^^

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