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The Bill is a Polish band from Pionki, formed in 1988 by Artur "Soko" Soczewica. The band's name is pronounced in a similar way to the Polish word 'debil', which in English means 'idiot'. The Bill played several times at the Jarocin Festival and The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity finales.

In 1984 four school mates Kefir, Krzysiek, Kuba and Skóra formed their first band. In 1985 named "Afront". In 1986 as first polish christian punk band (yep, it was Afront not Armia) they won 3rd place in christian song festival.

The band ceased performing in 1996, but have never formally disbanded. In summer 2004 they're back.

Band's official website thebill.pl

Band members
Jacek "Szmer" Szulikowski - drumset (1988-1989)
Dariusz "Kefir" Śmietanka - guitars, vocals
Robert "Mielony" Mielniczuk - drumset (1989 onwards)
Artur "Soko" Soczewica - bass guitar, vocals
Dariusz "Skóra" Stawski - vocals (Played with the band, but was never an official member)

1993 - The Biut (pronounced similar to 'debiut' meaning 'debut'), reedition in 2000
1994 - Początek Końca (The Beginning of the End)
1995 - Sex 'N' Roll
2000 - Daję wam ogień (I give you fire) - recorded in 1996, but not released until 2000

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