• Gravity Probe B confirms Einstein effects

    6 May 2011, 16:46 by Milkshake8

    Nasa's Gravity Probe B has produced remarkable new confirmation of some key predictions by Albert Einstein.

    The satellite's observations show the massive body of the Earth is very subtly Warping space and time, and even pulling them around with it.

    Scientists were able to see these effects by studying the behaviour of four perfectly engineered spinning balls carried inside the probe.

    The results will be published online in the journal Physical Review Letters.

    They are significant because they underline once again the genius of the great German-born scientist, but also because they provide more refined tools to understand the physics that drives the cosmos.

    On a more human level, the findings represent the culmination of an extraordinary odyssey for the leading lights of the mission, some of whom have dedicated more than five decades to the quest.

    These include Francis Everitt
  • Physicists create 'black hole for sound'

    18 Jun 2009, 04:53 by Milkshake8

    An artificial black hole that traps Sound instead of light has been created in an attempt to detect Theoretical Hawking radiation. The radiation, proposed by physicist Stephen Hawking more than 30 years ago, causes black holes to evaporate over time.

    black holes are created when Matter becomes so dense that it to a Point called a Singularity. The black hole's Gravity is so great that Nothing – not even Light – can Escape from a Boundary around it called an Event Horizon.

    But physicists have also been developing 'black holes' for sound. They do this by coaxing a material to move faster than the speed of sound in that Medium, so that within it cannot keep up, like Fish swimming in a fast-moving stream. .

    Quantum state

    The are focusing on are called Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs), where a Clump of atoms behaves like a single ATOM.
  • 65DaysOfStatic + The Morning After Girls + The Big Bang

    21 May 2006, 12:20 by txg399

    Another month, another 65daysofstatic gig, and they just get better every time. This time it was at the Barfly, a venue which despite it's obvious and varied flaws is really growing on me. You always get a great crowd who really want to be there and interesting acts.

    Tonight was opened by Birmingham locals The Big Bang. I really enjoyed their set and their music was very fresh, a sick love child of The White Stripes and Elvis Presley. Well, to me anyway! It had modern power, yet vocally it was quite retro, as was some of the guitar work. Highly enjoyable.

    The Morning After Girls were next. This wasn't the right setting for them unfortunatly, I just wasn't in the right mind set for their style of music. There were some haunting melodies, and some really chunky bass riffs but on the whole I found it just a little to calm and mellow for the night. I want to try hearing them on CD, when I am in the right frame of mind, as I expect they would sound significantly better then.