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  • Avatar for natedorough
    Tomorrow night, these guys are in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Strutt! Details/tickets at!
  • Avatar for MrRastamann
    New Ep OUT!!!! YEAAAAH!!!!
  • Avatar for Introducing
    New EP leaked
  • Avatar for MrRastamann
    Why so few posts, this is AWESOME!
  • Avatar for farmgirlblues
    I have been hooked on this band lately and am much better for it.
  • Avatar for chucklonewolf
    Feel dangerous & sh*t.
  • Avatar for ConscienceA
    "a music band?" well fuck me, I would never have guessed, thanks!
  • Avatar for MrRastamann
    If you're french speaking: "La Norvège!"
  • Avatar for jaze_da_man
    Selling 2 tickets to the Sydney show Manning Bar. $40 each (normally $50 after b.f). Nothing dodgy, just have something on that night. Inbox me if you're interested..
  • Avatar for MrRastamann
  • Avatar for ilcj1923
  • Avatar for Radioshack-
    The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night est juste woaw :D
  • Avatar for MrRastamann
    please come to NORWAY!!!
  • Avatar for microvibe
    what makes the besnard lakes and field music similar artists???
  • Avatar for yagharek
    Please come to Paris! :D
  • Avatar for jadenadezhda
    i just saw the besnard lakes live and got to stand right in front of the stage... it was unbelievable! they were so great. and i got to meet them all except olga after the show and they were all so nice.
  • Avatar for Milkman519
    Shoegaze at its finest.
  • Avatar for Pubik_Vengeance
    These guys really deserve more recognition.
  • Avatar for Taco_Chopper
    The Besnard Lakes are a music band [2] Oh dear, I hope they aren't rubber /corny pathetic joke
  • Avatar for LAMPDANIEL
    gets me nostalgic for a time when I wasn't born at all :D
  • Avatar for MrRastamann
    AwesomeStamp (TM)
  • Avatar for IanCad
    they are both good i couldnt really choose one over the other
  • Avatar for wuwindz
    Trying to see what this band is all about. Roaring Night or Dark Horse?
  • Avatar for AndreaVolta
    nice nice
  • Avatar for paulgiunta
    Some photographs from the Wiltern are up on my blog ( and the rest are on Prefix Magazine (
  • Avatar for TzeraFNX
    For some reason Roaring Night doesn't show up on here? Or the songs aren't connected to it? What's the deal
  • Avatar for Radioshack-
    Disaster and Because Tonight, their best !!!
  • Avatar for jami3m
    They were SO good live at Green Man Festival
  • Avatar for IHoldVertigo
    Amazing band. Wish I could go see them when they come to Ontario. :(
  • Avatar for Surfmonkey
    Heavy Echo and the Bunnymen overtones in the guitar.
  • Avatar for TheGodfather234
    Diggin' it.
  • Avatar for Velenze
    prog done rite
  • Avatar for jamesssssss
    just heard a couple of their tracks whilst scrobbling on last fm and i think i'll be listening to loads more of them :D
  • Avatar for LinearQuest
    the millenium park show was a breathtaker. it was hot on the lakefront that day. "wow". i like this band.
  • Avatar for doublebrew
    can't stop listening to roaring night... what a beautifully layered, majestic album... they sound even better live
  • Avatar for Ryanator117
    The Besnard Lakes are a music band
  • Avatar for margokissy
    I enjoyed watching this band play more than any other thus far <3
  • Avatar for MrRastamann
    beautiful music, just amzingly wonderful, just fantasticly mezmerising.
  • Avatar for masterfuol
    gud sheeyet
  • Avatar for thezilla
    Come on guys, the National is boring. The Besnard Lakes are just slow. Though I will admit the new album took a few spins to like.
  • Avatar for treehuggerkeith
    no way! the prog's great! they're so sick live, they deserve to be wildly popular!
  • Avatar for treehuggerkeith
    ima see em tonight
  • Avatar for pecusita
    Whaaaaattt. She only sings in three songs and the entire album is wonderful. Oh welll, to each its own :/ Also, just linked up the Albatross video!
  • Avatar for arturobandini2
    I consider only the tracks with Olga Goreas on the vocals to be interesting and promissing.... But the other songs are really boring.
  • Avatar for duncan-
    the new album is growing on me!
  • Avatar for Slaky311
    How someone can find this boring is beyond me. It's like the best of Volume I and Dark Horse combined.
  • Avatar for AaronUrb66
    gigantic & glorious the newest album...good review with a video in the now-defunct woxy plus a free download:
  • Avatar for GoodnightLondon
    looking forward to the gig at The Legion in London. Great new album
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    a bit underwhelming yes but "And This Is What We Call Progress" and "The Lonely Moan" are gigantic
  • Avatar for bronwyn_west
    love Dark Horse.... still trying to get into Roaring Night... I find it somewhat boring..... i promise i will try harder though, as I have immense love for this band ... Gooooo Canada!


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