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  • Avatar for HipstaCheng
    where do i cop 4 free
  • Avatar for Manuelcha
  • Avatar for staywaivy
    BEETS = SAVIORS !!!!![2]
  • Avatar for bgk90
    so I really like this band now.....
  • Avatar for bgk90 insisted I listen to this and not long after I'm starting to get hooked. The songwriting and playing is so lazy but like...this rules, idk
  • Avatar for shanediercks
    this band is wayyy too cool
  • Avatar for clubanddeform
    I doubt Doug was really even into The Beets, he just wanted to look cool so he could bang Patty
  • Avatar for SouptheHoop
    fuckin good news its The Beets and everything's gonna be alright, bitches.
  • Avatar for je-suis-rien
    fuck these turds for using this name, for real
  • Avatar for cabfedhig
    listened first today. such a great sound.
  • Avatar for UCF9701
    Hey Now!
  • Avatar for thewendys
    BEETS = SAVIORS !!!!!
  • Avatar for IsARealBoy123
    More NYC based lo-fi!
  • Avatar for sea_beast
    This is one of the most marvelous bands of it's kind. Amazing songs and overall sound.
  • Avatar for wizzxx
    Screw that hipsters Beets, Doug's Beets is the real deal.
  • Avatar for soyunsmitty
    I don't want kids to be dead, unless its from tofu. That would be swell.
  • Avatar for getbentblog
  • Avatar for whitecollarboy_
    good stuff. not as good as Doug The Beets, but oh well. nothing is.
  • Avatar for goldengriffin90
    Killer Tofu.
  • Avatar for RaeJeanaLove
    I sincerely appreciate whomever made the Beets from Doug apart of this profile.
  • Avatar for chthonicyouth
  • Avatar for kzufolo
    The Beets > The Beets Juan Wauters for Lyfe.
  • Avatar for SssSpchMpdmnts
    I need mo' allowance. Why? Because I do.
  • Avatar for pavskies
    Looks like the poser Beets have made enough money as a band to finally have their band pictures photoshopped.
  • Avatar for PinkFloydrulez
  • Avatar for alligatorindian
    both versions of this band are so good
  • Avatar for ticktree
    Thanks for coming to Moscow! You guys are the best! I've listened to 'Spit on The Face Of People Who Don't Want To Be Cool' a million times.
  • Avatar for grizzlyunicorns
    if you live in california go to this
  • Avatar for pavskies
    Real Beets are from the cartoon Doug.
  • Avatar for Zombie_Goldblum
    much love for the beets from doug, but i think the actual band, the one that exists in reality and has all of the plays should probably have the profile picture
  • Avatar for toeunit12
    I eat my sugar cereal, but it makes my teeth bacterial
  • Avatar for ZacMagnum
    Hear both sides from the new BEETS 7" "Time Brought Age" right now on the Drone >>
  • Avatar for staywaivy
    Stay Home
  • Avatar for iamnanny
    Stay Home is my jam.
  • Avatar for nightman_cometh
    Yup, Stay Home has leaked.
  • Avatar for Alturn8tive
    Album is killer, never thought it would be a let down for a second
  • Avatar for Alturn8tive
    It's out now
  • Avatar for fanksy
  • Avatar for FelipeTurcios
    Killer Tofuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • Avatar for bhdoug
  • Avatar for matt0009
    Yay! The Real Beets are back in the image!
  • Avatar for wizzxx
  • Avatar for covobe
    is Stay Home out now?confused.....
  • Avatar for rinistiltskin
  • Avatar for Unyuushinobu
    Ohhh ee ohhh killer tofu
  • Avatar for nightman_cometh
  • Avatar for DeadlyFred
  • Avatar for nightman_cometh
    New album in October! Didn't even realize they put out a new 7", "God/Locomotion", which you can get from iTunes or order from Captured Tracks.
  • Avatar for amanijua
    Finally a legit pic.
  • Avatar for pavskies
    "Stop being retarded". Ahem, this is not a politically correct statement, young man.


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