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  • Avatar for Goazone
  • Avatar for No-Exit
    i loved this song since i can remember starting to listen to music.... =( very sad
  • Avatar for kanodi
  • Avatar for rESERV1St
    best song ever!
  • Avatar for Whitenred
  • Avatar for Bransmark
    McCartney song writing at it's best.
  • Avatar for Navtej_Kohli
    wow ... amazing song... navtej kohli
  • Avatar for septik13
    her şeyin bir anda nasıl değişebileceğini anlatan bir şarkı .. duygulu..
  • Avatar for EEER666
  • Avatar for hana006
    it's so wonderfull, i love it, i love THEM <3
  • Avatar for xCYDONiA
  • Avatar for Teddinka1
    I sad something wrong... love is such an easy game to play... I believe in yesterday...
  • Avatar for Teddinka1
    ... no words...
  • Avatar for liuxyte
    Thank you very very
  • Avatar for aschlietuna
    wundervoll :-'(
  • Avatar for theUg
    Suddenly I’m just half the man I used to be There are pieces coming off of me Yes, leprosy came suddenly.
  • Avatar for meloni_14
    hey, i am anjelica my icq number is 428847307 add me only young guys.
  • Avatar for rorecre69
  • Avatar for vmguerra
    Love this song!!!
  • Avatar for fantunia
    amazing voice
  • Avatar for Kassandra_
    a real jewel
  • Avatar for Arkhat
    I like his voice.
  • Avatar for onthewaytowonde
    it's kinda sad sond :(( but lovely<3
  • Avatar for viktorkrumfan01
    i love this song.
  • Avatar for OTG
    Probably the most overrated song ever. I think I like every Beatles song except for this one. I have always found it boring.
  • Avatar for vicefreak
    One of few songs I can listen to over and over and over again without being bored. Perfection in a simple disguise so to speak
  • Avatar for Larissa_Bell
    Why HE...have to go i don't know.. (8)
  • Avatar for Blood_Of_Rose
    it's sooo....sad....
  • Avatar for AppleappleGreen
    The Best song ever
  • Avatar for sophink
  • Avatar for Jedi_Mullet
    Perfection in 2 minutes
  • Avatar for JakeJustice
    oh, I believe in Yesterday.
  • Avatar for mastershake223
    This is now my favorite Beatles song, i've been listening to it on repeat all day.
  • Avatar for Don_Diego
    I'm in G, but it'll be an F...
  • Avatar for sweetbee86
    It's so great and so a sad song! I like it very much!
  • Avatar for imacgirl
    I really like the Anthology version.
  • Avatar for Jharod
    jfen, Girl, Michelle, And I Love Her, Julia, A Day In the Life... a lot of them :-)
  • Avatar for Bowstring
    I think of Mr Bean the movie everytime i hear this.
  • Avatar for jfen
    Amazing, beautiful, sad, song. Which other Beatles songs are like this one?
  • Avatar for klochu
    Original version is great, but the live version with Jay-Z & Linkin Park sux hard.
  • Avatar for objectathand
    The only reason why this song is good is because Ray Charles covered it.
  • Avatar for DAVARIS1
    um worst song wtf man it easy one of there best songs
  • Avatar for clintisiceman
    Not worst, but easily their most overrated. EASILY.
  • Avatar for Taip
    ogh, The Worst Beatles' song? snob talking. how can this song be bad?
  • Avatar for FifthofNovember
    How could any fan consider this one of their worst? The fact that it's covered so much maybe? The song is absolutely gorgeous, and the lyrics are easily some of Paul's finest, and the string section just adds to the song so much
  • Avatar for danecobain
    this songs got me through some hard times
  • Avatar for PinKkFloyDd
    One of the greatest songs ever created.
  • Avatar for AssD
    Great song. :)
  • Avatar for Alan_New
    The worst song Beatles ever did!


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