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The Beatles

What Goes On (2:51)


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  • dat bass ass
  • What a joy the sound on this album is
  • Ainda fica gratamente surpreso quando ouço Beatles ou Smiths na lastfm... antigamente, era praticamente impossível... :-)
  • I like to listen to "Wait" and then this, back to back. It just feels right!
  • Why do you even compare two totally different songs at all? If you mean VU's song, I mean.
  • I'd rather listen to this fake country song than The Murder Mystery anyday.
  • That's George chopping it up...nice!
  • Liking this country-style Beatles :)
  • Go Ringo go ;-)
  • Very Johnny Cash-esque.
  • It's great, and different from anything else on the album.
  • All about the bassline at 1:30ish.
  • Great song.
  • 1965: Ringo was living in Please Please Me while the others were flying high.
  • awesome jam.
  • Ruins what would have been a perfect album.
  • Surprisingly my favourite song on Rubber Soul.
  • The flip side to Nowhere Man. Quite contrasting huh. But.....all good :) ♥♥
  • Ringo !
  • classic starr
  • Love the old-timey country vibes.
  • God I love this shit
  • lol @ intoXicated0 shout. [2]
  • Classic Beatles! Catchy, direct and heart-wrenching!
  • ringo singing and george playing the guitar rockband style - it doesn't get any better than this
  • such a lovely song
  • I honestly got enraged at the object of the speaker's affections. I've had bitches like that in my life, and I don't miss them a bit.
  • its all about Ringo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • senorgreenpills said EXACTLY what I was thinking.
  • I really love Ringo's voice :).
  • Quite the opposite, really good. Catchy!
  • I just love Ringo's voice.
  • I was walking some street in manhattan the other day and the part he sings "Did you mean to break my heart and watch me die " had me cracking up aloud :)
  • Wow, I can't believe so many people think this song sucks. George's playing on this song is excellent.
  • Tell me why... Tell me why! this song is awesome :P
  • Not bad at all. Kinda catchy. Sorta country-ish.
  • Here comes Ringo.
  • lol @ intoXicated0 shout.
  • What's up with all the hate? If all country would be half as good as this song I'd listen to it more.
  • horrible
  • i've always liked this song... it's quite catchy and i like it when ringo sings.
  • Ringo's number. always not one of the best but relaxing
  • Worst song on an impeccable album, but that really isn't saying much. Still a decent little number.
  • whatever this is awesome
  • proud to say this is my 25,000th song on last.fm
  • Not my favorite.
  • love how the guitar sounds like it's hitting the wrong notes in spots. almost haphazard. :D


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