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The Beatles

Lady Madonna (2:18)


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  • One of my favorites.
  • Great b-side the inner light
  • Madonna.mp3 http://musicnoow.com/v/2RYEItQfma4/la-isla-bonita-madonna
  • :o) One wonders how you manage.... :o)
  • isn't this on Abby Road also???
  • Lady Madonna in stockings - and they need mending - you just have to love it :-)
  • I remember one radio station that bleeped the line "Baby at her breast" for as long as it was on the charts...but later played it in its' entirety on "Oldies" or "flashback" shows.
  • One of their best.
  • one of my favorite beatles piano songs I love to play
  • surely miss you john and george
  • Breast.
  • this has a very nice groove!
  • John Paul Ringo George
  • Silver Medal Beatle in dynamic form, probably one of his finest creations, remarkable melody , ridiculous vocal and the tongue-in cheek- lyric is just remarkable, all time great
  • oh, such a good song
  • ahhhhhhh that piano maaaan
  • Dat bass.
  • My dad named his hamster after this song... LOL! Best hamster name ever! http://www.lastfm.se/user/kanto_sho?ac=kanto
  • one of my favorites.
  • Every Beatles song reminds me of Oasis because the manc bastards ripped the Beatles off left , right and centre!
  • beginning of the verses remind me of 'shes electic', oasis
  • Great song.
  • seeeeeee HOOOOW THEEEEEEY ruuuuun...
  • Madonna is not a lady.
  • Anybody know where that lead guitar came from in the Love version of this song?
  • "Seeee how they runnnn!!!"
  • Lady Madonna, children at your feet (...)
  • This is what we call mono
  • Hi ´ Awesome, Thank you
  • tuesday afternoon is neverending...
  • wednesday morning, papers didn't come...
  • thursday night your stockings needed mending...seee how they ruuuun... :)
  • The piano arrangement was lifted from a '50s jazz classic - "Bad Penny Blues" by Humphrey Lyttleton.
  • lady maddona
  • <3
  • hii! ;-) i am love friend music~
  • possibly my favorite Beatles track ever. that piano riff is infectious as hell, and don't get me started on the sax solo.
  • just a great song top to bottom; sax solo is awesome.
  • Good Fats Domino imitation.
  • bad, bad, bad version !!!
  • Motif in this song reminds me of Dr. Mario theme :D
  • ma che è, il karaoke? ma vattinne!
  • Maybe I'm doing it wrong but every beatles song I've heard on here has been instrumental....
  • yeah!
  • i want to be best friends with this song
  • Hhi
  • catchy catchy catchy !
  • Me too!


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