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The White Album
The Beatles

The White Album



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  • jim, you know blackbird is one of my fav's whats UUUUUUUUUUUUU_PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ????????????????
  • https://soundcloud.com/latarnie-montpellier/julia-the-beatles-cover Latarnie Montpellier - Julia (The Beatles cover)
  • Suggest a correction for: 'The BEATLES'
  • BHolladay who cares?
  • Won't play WHY ???????????????????
  • while the subjectivity you people present about this album title is right, settling for an incorrect tag results in the scrobbles not being consolidated. And, from your logic, The Beatles (White Album) is correct, so is White Album, or The Bealtes [White Album] or whatever variants it may have, which results in unnecessary problems such as non-consolidation, discussions about the album being split to two shoutboxes etc.. | Also note that proper ID3 tags can ALWAYS be achieved without the loss of organization, especially if you know how to use iTunes to its full advantage, and even if you don't there's always the comment ID3 tag
  • OK, true, it only has 1 official title, but I'm still pretty sure many people don't even know The White Album isn't the official title. I guess I'd just like to let people who complain about tagging know that there are people like me using Last.fm, who prefer to organize their iTunes in a way that makes sense to them, and that doesn't always match what's going to be popular or even correct on here. To me, even though The White Album isn't the official title, it still some how feels to me like the more legitimate title in whatever logic I use, so that's how I list it on my computer.
  • To anyone who wants to complain about the title, we have to accept that some albums have ambiguous titles. Led Zeppelin, Prince, and KMFDM have all titled albums with unpronouncable/untypable symbols. Seal and Weezer both have three self-title albums a piece. This album is officially named "The Beatles", but if you're having a conversation, people are a lot more likely to know what you mean is you say "The White Album" rather than "The Beatles' self-titled album." Last.fm will never be perfect. Let's all just agree to try as hard as we can to be correct in our tags, but when an issue like this comes up that isn't ever really going to be resolved, just accept it at that and keep on enjoying the music.
  • Long, long, long ♥

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