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  • sablespecter's Favorite Songs of 1970

    6 Sep 2008, 19:32 by sablespecter

    On this, my 38th birthday (birthday wishes to Roger Waters here), I thought it would be fun to revisit that great year of 1970 that brought us not only a whole bunch of great people :D but more importantly for the SotD Journal, so much great music!

    Credit where it's due: This list of my favorite songs of 1970 was originally sparked by a timely entry earlier this week from the same guy that posted up that idea of using album market statistics and awards to compute a list of Top 20 Albums (a favorite of Grant's!) No worries, Grant, that one is totally subjective!

    Below is my own submission to his call for our own favorite songs of 1970, slightly edited and with some additional commentary.

    But I don't want to stop there¹! One day for 1970 isn't enough, so I thought it would be good to have a full week celebration of 1970: starting tomorrow and for each of the next 7 days, I will choose seven² of my Top 10 of 1970 as a SotD, and then cap it off with the first of what I have been talking about publishing for…
  • Song Of The Day - 09 Aug 2008: Get Back

    15 Aug 2008, 19:53 by sablespecter

    The Beatles / Get Back / Let It Be (12) / May 1970

    It's Beatles Week! Day 7: The Latter Years and The End

    The strain and tensions and somewhat divisive reactions experienced during the middle years for sure came from the combined pressure of the write-record-tour schedule and the massive success & fame that didn't allow them to go unrecognized and free in their lives. Eliminating touring no doubt eased the pressure on the schedule, but it only created space that began to move them in different directions. The schism began to appear between Paul McCartney and John Lennon with the death of Brian Epstein in the summer of 1967.

    With Brian's death there was no overseeing influence to bring them together and help them meld ideas into a common purpose. Paul immediately saw that someone needed to step into that role to hold the band together. He took that role himself. Immediately he brought the idea for Magical Mystery Tour, which turned out to be a flop and widely considered the band's first failure. …
  • Muzak Quiz

    4 Nov 2007, 08:12 by CaptainRocket

    Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm:

    1. Pavement
    2. the Beatles
    3. Sonic Youth
    4. the Smashing Pumpkins
    5. Radiohead
    6. Beck
    7. Sufjan Stevens
    8. Broken Social Scene
    9. the Velvet Underground
    10. Neil Young

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Loser. I remember liking it when I was a kid, then forgetting who Beck was, and then seeing Where It's At a couple years later on Much.

    What is your favorite album of 2?
    I'll have to say the White Album, though I do dearly love Let It Be...Naked.

    What is your favorite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Right now it's "I don't want to be your friend, I just want to be your lover" from House of Cards because I can't imagine Thom Yorke trying to seduce anyone.
    Otherwise, from the end of Karma Police: "For a minute there, I lost myself."

    How many times have you seen 4 live?
    Once, on their last tour. I bought a Zero shirt and they played Mayonaise. Woot.
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    Let It Be...Naked



    でも、US Import版は「CD」だったということがわかったので(笑)、早速購入♪




    オリジナルのLet It Beとは別テイクの録音も収録されていて、飽きさせませんね。

    でも、高校時代から聞き続けているオリジナルの音が体に染付いてしまっているせいか、かなり違和感も感じます。オリジナルのLet It Beとは別物として聞けば抵抗感はないでしょうかね。

    ...Dig ItMaggie Maeも収録して欲しかったなぁ。
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  • Let It Be... Naked

    9 Nov 2005, 19:30 by scifisuede

    After comparing Let It Be and Let It Be...Naked, I must say that I can see why Paul McCartney was so keen on releasing this version as "Let It Be as it was meant to be". On particular is The Long and Winding Road, my personal favourite off the album. The Naked version has this different feeling to it... beautifully stripped down, and some different notes/chords give different atmosphere to the almost-impossibly-beautiful song. Another thing I notice is how current [i.e. timeless] the music sounds! As can be said about any The Beatles record, I suppose. I'm pretty sure that dozens, or even hundreds of years from now, kids will still fall in love with their music. Many generations from now, our offsprings will argue with each other about which version of Let It Be they love better.