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  • You know I need someone... HELP!
  • Where is ''I've just seen your face'' ???? My favourite!!! :((
  • rating 9/10
  • How was "I Need You" not a hit? [2]
  • They started taking drugs prior to this album. Doesn't measure up to their absolute best work, IMO, but this is a terrific album. How was "I Need You" not a hit?
  • their best album before they got stoned [x2]
  • This album would be so much better if Act Naturally and Dizzy Miss Lizzy weren't on it.
  • It's so easy for people to overlook their pre-Rubber Soul releases but this really is a fucking cracking album.
  • Say hello to britpop.
  • WTF! Tracks are mixed with something else.. Moby?
  • Help was the first studio album that I got to hear,copied onto cassette from a mates dads vinyl copy,at the same time the red and blue albums were released,I also bought oldies but goldies on cassette around then.
  • Their best album after Rubber Soul. [5]
  • el mejor disco del planeta entero!
  • Their best album after Rubber Soul. [4]
  • they had started smoking pot by now
  • Their best album after Rubber Soul. [3]
  • @Ultimadream, I LOVE Dizzy Miss Lizzy, great ending to a great album!
  • Mono version than better stereo version
  • their best album before they got stoned
  • ¡¡¡¡¡please help!!!!
  • need help?
  • yeah, the americans loved to fuck up with the tracklists. they made completely different albums, dunno why
  • just found out it's the north american movie soundtrack release track list. don't know why anyone would be interested in that.
  • what tracklist is that? mine and wikipedias are pretty different.
  • I'm glad the Beatles got a lot better than this crap.
  • Their best album after Rubber Soul. [2]
  • "In the Tyrol"? never heard of this song before!
  • THE NIGHT BEFORE -- One of all-time faves and probably one of the most underrated Beatles songs.
  • @Ultimadream I don't even consider dizzy miss lizzy as part of the album. I love this album though.
  • Best album pre-psycodelic.
  • shes got a ticket to ride and she dont care
  • You gonna lose that girl is the funniest song, because i imagine it being between best friends.
  • Help, me! I love the beatles!!
  • 30 years ago today, John Lennon was shot down in NYC by Mark David Chapman. Let his memory live on forever. Thanks for everything John!
  • Best Album Ever
  • Two Words: Epic Soundtrack.
  • Their best album I think.
  • won't you please please help me......
  • HELP FUCKIN MASTERPIECE!<333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  • Masterpiece absolutely..
  • 100 scrobblings in one day :D
  • Its beautiful !! =)
  • Help! may not be quite the artistic statement that Sgt. Pepper's or Revolver were, but I challenge anyone to find a better collection of perfect pop songs.
  • MY Fav. Album from The Beatles!
  • lol calling later beatles albums 'pretentious'. this is near my least favorite (probably yellow submarine, as cliche as it is, tbqh) simply because it has the largest amount of songs i don't care for (i need you, act naturally, you like me too much, it's only love, etc)
  • Probably my favorite, as it isn't as pretentious as everything that followed.
  • The remastered UK version is good enough to jizz over.
  • The UK version is much better than the US one imo. Help! is my favourite Beatles album, every song is brilliant and to the point - no long-winded crap here...
  • Please, please HELP ME!!


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