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  • liquidnature

    perfect closer... hypnotic lullaby that at once sends you adrift into open space, and pulls the album back around to its starting point "Wouldn't It Be Nice". Just one part of its genius I think.

    May 2014
  • moisesbs3008

    How could you lose that happy glow?

    January 2014
  • Lowbacca

    Dat 1973 live version [2]

    July 2012
  • KasparovDeepBlu

    Dat 1973 live version

    April 2012
  • ut0

    also if these harmonies are "insane" I am genuinely curious as to how you would rate Messiaen for example

    March 2012
  • ut0

    fuck you brian wilson chicks with short hair are awesome

    March 2012
  • Sjitty

    Break my heart, I want to go and cry...

    January 2012
  • kaylastarkiller

    carol, i know.

    January 2012
  • houghster27

    Pet Sounds has no bad tracks you dumbass [2]

    December 2011
  • Nakkinak

    "god only knows is the worst song on the album imo" Pet Sounds has no bad tracks you dumbass

    November 2011
  • kato1984

    Wonderful song. Love the ending also!

    November 2011
  • VGoRiLLaZ

    CHUT UP.

    September 2011
  • BiggestStar

    god only knows is the worst song on the album imo

    September 2011
  • Nakkinak


    September 2011

    Is it bad I like this song more than God Only Knows?

    August 2011
  • Nakkinak


    April 2011
  • Plaumtothashizz

    I would be so bummed if my name was Carol, considering that Brian actually sang "oh, Carol, I know" but changed it because it sounded more like what the title says now. Caroline is a prettier name anyway though

    April 2010
  • Plaumtothashizz

    hahaha GrizzlyMike i love you.

    April 2010
  • dhairgrove

    I think Brian was on that train----the"Boys" never completely recovered.

    January 2010
  • GrizzlyMike

    From the album Pet Songs which the Beatles tried to emulate with Sargent Peppers March Band Album

    January 2010
  • spacefaceinfurs


    November 2009
  • jamierobertward

    " 'Can't you see me on the back of that train?' I asked. 'I can. Just going away.' "

    October 2009
  • Stjaernstoft

    Shit, I never thought of the train at the end before, what it may symbolize, I started to cry. Oh Caroline, no. :(

    August 2009
  • TheFreeWheelinQ

    Pet Sounds...theres nothing more to say about it its just so fragile and sad

    August 2009
  • hogefan

    Caroline No is one of the saddest songs for me, for personal reasons. Summer love n shit. You know. Awesome song.

    May 2009
  • ojosdelanoche

    Pet Sounds was the vocal inspiration to the century album "Sargent Pepper´s..." (Paul McCartney dixit). what could I say? I love Beach Boys and Beatles, though I think there is many other things so much better than Caroline No for the Beach Boys

    April 2009
  • ati1978

    Caroline, you should let grow your hair long!

    February 2009
  • Fevered17

    Wonderful song

    February 2009
  • Dennisian

    Possibly one of the best songs ever written.

    February 2009
  • Spumco

    God Pet Sounds was wonderfully depressing.

    January 2009
  • lihei


    November 2008
  • Hoobeedoo

    man this makes me miss Caroline so much that I just ache...and I never even knew a Caroline, no?

    October 2008
  • rossfletcher58

    so the girl cut her hair... and became a soccer mom running around complaining all day about how busy she is...

    September 2008
  • warrenzevon

    Caroline, yes

    August 2008
  • richzx6r

    Beach Boys fact! The Beach Boys don't actually live on a beach! Nor are they boys.

    August 2008
  • memofromturner

    Quite possibly the greatest song ever. At least to me it is. Perfect.

    February 2008
  • Glendabed

    I like the plinky plonky sound best

    January 2008
  • AddSomeMusic

    A very worthy close to a very worth album. The very slight speed up proves effective in making the vocals sound as youthful as they do, although with Brian's voice at the time it was anyways. A few of the songs on the album are melancholy and this is no exception. Also notable for being released as a Brian solo single. 5/5

    November 2007